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UPDATE: Gucci shoes have been sold today. So the new price for the set is 900€ and shipping cost ! Hi everyone, I'm new on this board and I'm French (nobody's perfect !) So please, excuse me now for my bad English. I sell today a complete set of 15 clothing. Why I don't sell separately ? Not enough time... All I sell is completely genuine and in perfect condition. The complete listing with original prices : Jeans Dior Homme black size 32 - 330€ Jeans Dior Homme blue size 31 - 310€ Vest Melchior brown size 50 - 250€ Vest Lanvin grey/black size 50 - 1650€ Desert Boots Lanvin brown taille 8uk - 400€ Sweater Ralph Lauren brown size M - 150€ Polo Ralph Lauren black size S - 75€ Shoes Bello Venezia brown size 43 - 200€ Shirt Dolce & Gabbana black size 39 - 250€ Coat D&G green size 46 - 840€ Polo Burberry black size S - 150€ Polo Ralph Lauren first ligne green size S - 200€ Coat Takeshy Kurosawa blue size L - 250€ T-Shirt Diesel light brown size M - 100€ Sandals Hugo Boss brown size 42it - 115€ Total price for the set : 5650€ ! I asking 900€ and the shipping cost (let me know the destination for a price...) You can see all the pictures and have a lot of information about what I sell (but in French) on this 2 links: http://www.commeuncamion.com/forum/i...?topic=18089.0 http://www.commeuncamion.com/forum/i...?topic=18299.0 and my ebay profile : http://feedback.ebay.fr/ws/eBayISAPI...edbackAsSeller
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Tres bien!
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No bump w/o 5% drop, I suppose you have dropped 10%...
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not a bump, juste an update ! ^^
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