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Traveling with dress shirts

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I have tried several methods for packing dress shirts when traveling.  Nothing I have tried seems to prevent wrinkling, and when I arrive, I just have to iron them all over again.  Help.  Any suggestions?
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Samnick: I've tried everything you've tried. I don' think there is a way to avoid wrinkles... Steve B.
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I don't have a solution to preventing your wrinkled dress shirt problem either.However,you might try the old "hanging your shirts in the bathroom when you shower" trick,to help steam the wrinkles out after you unpack;it might save you some time ironing.
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Pick up a Rowenta portable mini steamer. It also has a lint brush, and it works great to get wrinkles out of clothes. This is what I usually do when I am too lazy to go to the dry cleaners with my shirts. I brought one over to Sweden with me and love it, as dry cleaning is god-awful expensive here.
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If you don't already do so, have your dress shirts (or at least those you'll be bringing) professionally laundered prior to your next trip.  Rather than return them on hangers (as everybody does), ask that they return them boxed, an option that most dry cleaners offer for a nominally higher price.  You can then easily stash the thin box in your luggage.  When you arrive, you'll still have folding creases to deal with, but those are far less onerous than the alternative. If you don't do that, be sure you use a garment bag rather than a regular suitcase when you pack suits and dress shirts.  That will not eliminate, but will reduce wrinkles. Consider whether you're traveling for business purposes (your packing of dress shirts suggests that you might be).  If so, most decent hotels offer a convenient laundering/pressing service.  Leave it overnight, your stuff's back by morning.  It's absurdly expensive if you're paying for it, but you may be able to expense it.  Many employers- depending upon size of employer, duration of trip, distance you travel- would consider that a valid business expense (unlike, say, hotel Spectravision porno). Whether business or pleasure, also consider whether you'll be wearing your shirt under a suit- and for how long.  If you're fairly certain that you'll have your suit jacket on at all or most times, you may be able to cheat some and live with minor wrinkling that won't ever be seen.
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great tips guys..
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great tips guys..
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