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Note: All measurements are done by the blue in green method. Flathead F380s. $240 Had them for a while but havent seen much wear time because the fit just isnt my style. Waist: 16 3/4. Thigh: 11.5" Knee: 8.5" Leg Opening: 8.5" Hasn't been hemmed. Imperial Dukes. $200 Waist:16 3/4" Thigh: 11.5" Knee: 8.5" Hem: 34" Leg opening: 8" Neither of them have been in a washing machine. The F380s received their hot soak and one more after, and the Imperials have received a soak. Trades: F310 sz. 33 PBJ 007 basically give me other denim offers, I have Skull 5010xx and I love the fit on them in a size 33. Also would consider some Red Wing Iron Rangers or LL Bean Katahdins as a trade.