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Originally Posted by mafoofan View Post
It's all about the smell. Saphir/JLP polish is intoxicating. I'd slather it all over myself if it weren't so expensive.

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Saphir isn't that expensive. Saphir Pate de Luxe 50ml is € 4,50 100ml = € 8,50
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this thread needs more pictures
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Originally Posted by Lonneker View Post
This thread could really do with some pics.

Originally Posted by luk-cha View Post
this thread needs more pictures

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JL does source their stuff from Saphir. Avel makes special recipes for them, but it is basically the same/similar to the retail product.

Burgol is also a good product, especially their sole oil and leather cream.

What nobody ever talks about it polishing brushes, and I am sick of picking bits of hair off my shoes from crappy polish brushes.

I recently bought a pair of "Yakhaar" brushes made by Burgol (I think) and I was really impresses with the shine the brush left on a shoe touched up with Saphir wax.

I wonder whether somebody could post some pics of brushes?
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Originally Posted by Lonneker View Post
This thread could really do with some pics.

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Originally Posted by Kuro View Post

(Hope Foo doesn't get all excited over the gloves again.)
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Originally Posted by Kuro View Post

Originally Posted by jhcam8 View Post

Originally Posted by NOBD View Post

This is good stuff ladies, but the thread could really use some pics of the polished shoes.

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Originally Posted by brokentelephone View Post

So I finally purchased some Saphir Medaille D'Or in Amsterdam, and decided to do a side-by-side comparison between that and a few others I had laying around in my polishing drawer (that sounds bleak).

I've read a lot about Saphir being light-years ahead of the competition, and have wanted to buy some for almost a year. I should have ordered it ages ago, but I think part of the allure is the its unavailability and mystique -- as pathetic as this sounds I sort of wanted to see it all in the shop before actually buying it.

I polished two pairs of similarly constructed shoes -- a set of custom grade black Church's, and a pair of custom grade (or whatever its called) C&J's.

After a cleaning using Lexol cleaner and letting dry overnight, I used renovateur on the C&J and Allen Edmonds cream on the Church's. I really couldn't tell much of a difference, but I did find that the renovateur removed more old polish and I used less of it than the AE, but neither had a drastic effect on the condition of the leather (both pairs are very well maintained).

Next step, I used some black Meltonian cream on the Church's, and JL Paris cream in black on the C&J -- I definitely prefer the JL Paris cream as it goes on easier, spreads further, and doesn't seem as synthetic. That being said, after letting dry and buffing both pairs looked fantastic.

Finally, I polished the shoes w/wax. One Church shoe used Allen Edmonds wax, the other JL Paris. One C&J I used JL Paris, and the other Saphir Medaille D'Or wax. The AE wax goes on really dry, and is really one of my least favorite waxes. It smells something awful (granted, I like the smell of Kiwi), and I find it difficult to apply. The Lobb Paris wax is quite viscous and spreads easier over the shoe and smells light years better than the Churchs, though I still find it sort of overwhelming. On the C&Js I used the Medallion D'Or on one, and found the stuff to be very easy to apply, and smelled great. It dries quickly, and comes up to a shine better than the AE polish.

Overall, I liked the AE the least, and the Saphir the best. I am not sure if the formulation of the Lobb and the Saphir are the same, but they seem very similar. My only observations that might cast doubt on them being identical is that the Saphir D'Or had a faint smell of pine, and seems ever so slightly more viscous. That being said, this could quite easily be attributed to the fact that the Saphir is brand new, and the JL stuff is about a year old -- the pine smell might have just gassed off. The AE brand new was dry (as a characteristic of its formulation, not because I bought a dry batch).

All of that out of the way, I am not sure any of this really matters at all. Saphir is certainly better than AE, and better than Kiwi to apply (especially the fumes), but at the end of the day all shoes were shiny. My fiancee commented that the Saphir shoes seemed to have less brush strokes and looked more even, but who knows?

All in all a good purchase, and am glad I read all I have here and am finally able to sleep soundly, no longer haunted by the inadequacies of my polish collection. To those still on the journey, don't bother because its shoe polish -- spend your time fixating on the shoes themselves.

Thank for your original post a few years ago.


I believe this was one of the first Google Search items (using the "vs") I found that led me to explore many more testimonials on the internet, including television news spots in San Francisco, and Esquire Magazine.


I also spoke to Nick at B Nelson Shoes in NYC, and he wrote that sometime after he started using Saphir - he adopted the brand as his first choice.


All my best,



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I realize this comparison wasn't perfect by any means, but glad you enjoyed the post.

I've now found a source of Saphir very close to my home in London (Chelsea Green Cobbler, if anyone reads this in London) so I've switched to Saphir exclusively -- having a local source muted my obsession completely. I now just use it as if it's Kiwi and that's that.
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Originally Posted by Fraiche View Post

Saphir blew me away on the first use when i tried on on a pair of shoes I had just worn for a week. Almost all the creases were gone, I was stunned.

Expensive but worth every penny.

Yes, a recent polish routine removed the streaks and creases (from being noticed) for me too.  Although the Renovateur was $22 and the Polish Cream and Wax were additional - I found that very little application goes a long way - which adjusts the cost downward over the year.

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JLP is definitely rebranded saphir. It smells the same, and behaves the same way 

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Not all of it, tho. Some JLP creme is made in the UK and doesn't smell anything like the Saphir equivalent.

I also thing some JLP is Saphir standard, and some Medaille d'Or (i.e., colours of creme that aren't sold in the M D'or line generally).
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I am looking to buy my first set of Saphir waxes and cremes. I have Epaulet NY and Leather Soul Hawaii as possible retailers. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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^There are lots of sources. Will at asuitablewardrobe.com and Kirby at the hangerproject.com also come to mind immediately. Both Will and Kirby are terrific.
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