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Cheaney Fit

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I'm having trouble finding a satisfactory answer to the question "how do cheaney's fit?" Anyone have any thoughts on this or know of an applicable post?

Also, I have some 11D Allen Edmonds (7 last) that fit, but if anything, are slightly large. Can anyone make a size recommendation/conversion based on that info?

*I realize posting a specific last would be helpful, but in this particular case, I think generalizations will suffice.

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On most of their lasts the F fit is equivalent to a US E/D fit. However the 175 and 11028 last are more generous.
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The one pair of Cheaneys I've owned from the Premeir Range I took an 11.5F and I wear a 12E in Edward green.
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for me they fit true to size in that a US 10 is a UK 9. You being loose in an AE 11, you may want to consider a 9.5 in cheaney
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OP, I'm on the same boat right now and can;t quite make the decision to go full or half size down....check posts/suggestions here, it may help ....
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I have the Cheaney Welbeck (last 2003, F fitting) in size 8. It fits quite well. And the AE 7 last happens to be the best fitting AE last for me (MacNeil in 9D). So, AE 9D = Cheaney 8F = very good fit for me. YMMV.
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I have the Cheaney Fenchurch in last 11028 - size down 1 from my US size. Great fit, much better than my Loakes, which fit a bit loose in comparison. Nice classic shape to the last.
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I have the F width O'Toole in the 11028 last and I can also confirm that you need whole size down. I ordered half size down and I had to put in additional padding to fill it. Also finding the width generous. Shape is classic but the toes a bit too rounded to my taste (I just prefer a mild chiseled toe for my shoes).
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for additional reference. ...Glad I went with 5.5 on the Gladstone, Thanks for all the info.....

- last 11028 (Gladstone from Herrings), I decided to go with UK 5.5 due to sleeker toe shape...fits like a glove
- last 175, I have UK 6 (Grassmere), for thicker socks during F/W wear. Some space around the toe box, but nonetheless, it fits well..

I wear size UK 5.5 on C&J 348 and 341; and US 6.5 on AE #5 and #7....

...Gladstone pics...a little grainy from cell camera...color is burnished Chestnut


- Grassmere....

- Gladstone and Grassmere....
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I'm glad I found this thread just as I was about to the trigger on some Olds on the 11028 and was going to get 9.5. I've ordered them in a 9. We'll see...
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