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Originally Posted by m@T
yeah I dont like the ballcruncher way either, so I tend to bare my sole to the world.

I also have a weird habit of crossing my legs and sitting on my foot. IE position 2 but with the foot under the thigh. Not sure where I picked that up from.

Like this?

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I usually just cross my ankles. I find its the most comfortable as it lets me keep my knees seperated.
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I cross my legs 2 being the former picture. and the other being the guy in the background of the latter picture. People who can't cross their legs the former way seem to complain of their package being crushed...something regarding how the different parts position themselves during seating? My "beans" fall below the crossed legs and my "frank" above. TMI?
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I can go either way. I think the more "effiminate" one is much more comfortable though, but that usually depends on the pants. I'm pretty lean so it's not awkward or smashing my in places. Bigger men I could see having a problem with it, but if you're in shape it's no big deal.
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Originally Posted by Kent Wang
The former I feel is more elegant -- some narrowminded persons may even say effeminate -- the latter more macho as it exposes the crotch. The latter also exposes the sole of your shoe which I've always felt to be unattractive, especially considering the kinds of shoe most men wear.
I have always viewed it as a skinny/fat thing. I cannot cross my legs in the first way. Well, I can but it requires me to take the lower leg (left for me) and really put it at a slant and sit on my left hip It can't last very long. My thighs are too big to do it while sitting flat. Either way even doing it the latter way hurts after a short while, so I end up doing neither. This is relatively new so I'm learning to adapt to seldom crossing my legs. I cross my ankles as someone else mentioned. b
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Originally Posted by EL72
Like this?

hehe yup thats it. Thanks for stopping by
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Originally Posted by m@T
hehe yup thats it. Thanks for stopping by

Sure thing. I just can't see that position being comfortable for any length of time, with the weight of your body resting on your ankle like that.
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yeah I dont know how I fell into the habit, every time I sit like this it puts my ankle to sleep ("now it will be up all night" - Steven Wright), but it seems to be how I naturally fall.
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The more important question is, when you stand with your hands on your hips, where do you have your thumbs -- toward the back or toward the front.

When my dad was in the army, he was told that under no circumstances was an officer ever to have his thumbs in front when he had his hands on his hips. he said only florists and hiardressers and other creative types did htat, not army officers.
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On the leg-crossing thing, I do both but more often the latter than the former.
On the hands-on-hips thing, I'm having trouble even envisioning a way of having my thumbs in front that wouldn't feel really awkward and perhaps seriously uncomfortable. If I could figure it out, dumb comments like the one your dad encountered might be reason enough to do it.
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I suppose it's sort of like this:

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Originally Posted by j
Maybe I need to take up yoga or something, but doing that actually makes my wrists hurt. Looks good on her, though.
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I do both, but the former is much more comfy. I have to admit though, when I see pictures of myself, it looks somewhat feminine.
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All three ways,though mostly the last way, with my right ankle under my left thigh. As for the hands, I do it the florist's way, with my thumbs forward.
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