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Building a wardrobe - starting from scratch

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I'm completely new here so go easy

I'm 23 and a final year college student. I haven't usually been the guy who thinks a lot about fashion, dressing up nicely etc but then recently a special lady came to my life and that's when I realised I need to start looking after myself a bit better.

So I want to build a wardrobe from scratch. Currently I have few jeans/t-shirts but I don't expect them to last much longer. Perhaps the most valuable things in my wardrobe right now is a black overcoat (similar to this one). It was a gift. That's just about all I have right now that will last me 5 years +

About myself:

5'11"/180cm, 74kg/160lbs. Lean build. My ideal style would be something that is classy but also a little bit bold/different. I also don't mind breaking traditional rules and be independent so I want my style to reflect that. Street and casual wear are definite no-no but I do enjoy having accessories - mainly necklaces (again I tend to be unusual with my choice of necklaces).

I want a wardrobe that will last me atleast about 10 years. My usual night out won't be at a dance club or even a bar but most likely a proper dinner with family/friends/dates. These are the occasions I want to start to dress well for.

Also next year I will be working as a civil engineer so my work will be on construction sites etc but I am not too concerned about that because I know I can buy few decent jeans to cover the work scenarios.

So where do I start? I don't have much money right now but I want to prepare a shopping list so I know what to buy when I'm out buying clothes.

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Originally Posted by Annadale View Post
Use the fucking search button.
Listen - if I wanted generic advice, I would have used Google. There's plenty of generic advice online and I wouldn't have bothered signing up here. I came to this forum for more individualised advice - isn't that what this place is for? Besides, who the fuck are you? A moderator? Search police? Stay the fuck away from my threads from now on.
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^ LOL Love the last line Im not very experienced, but you can always start with the Staples first, the things everyone should have then work in your own personal unique style from there.
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Originally Posted by Annadale View Post
Use the fucking search button.
that was uncalled for
post #5 of 10 If you'd used SF's search function, you would have found these threads, which all address basics... Since your question is a top-level FAQ sort, don't expect people to go falling over themselves to help you out, when one of the things that sticks in a lot of people's craws is when all the noob "How do I build a wardrobe" threads crowd out more interesting forum content.
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Best thing you can do is take your time, use the resources here and learn for yourself what you need in your wardrobe and how it should fit. Spend a few months lurking and collecting...
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I'd say step one is to browse the WAYWRN threads and save anything you like. Then poke through the folder and see what keep reoccurring. Or you can take the Mafoofan angle and get 5 copies of the same shoe and a closet full of light blue shirts.
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Don't take it personal OP, I'm new here too, but i have learned a lot just by reading threads on such topics. Once you have been on here a bit, you see how often this same question is asked. You'll understand why it's frustrating for some. So just relax, and try not to be so crass, it does not bode well in the long run here. As far as what you already have, start new, basic solid color dress shirts, chinos and dress pants, proper shoes, then move on to SC and suits. There are some good threads on those topics
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Start with a blazer and shoe trees.
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Thanks for the help, guys. Really appreciated. I will look at threads that have been suggested.
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