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Starting lose weight starts today!!

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I really need to lose weight. Im 6ft2 and weigh rougly 14 stone. I dont feel good in myself so need to lose weight.

I am about to join David Lloyd gym but still need some pointers. I think my food diet is abit crap so need to drastically change that.

Whats good to lose weight, how much do i eat/excersise.

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Don't worry about it, you look fine. /thread
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Thats not that big, assuming its not all fat. Im 12.5 and 6'2". Eat less then your caloric maintenance and you'll lose weight, doing exercise will increase your caloric maintenance.
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Resistance training + high protein/low carb diet. Exercising ~3 times a week is fine. Just hit it hard when you're at the gym and change your diet and you'll see results quickly. Good luck mate.
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paleo diet and no gluten.

There are a million threads about this already. This subforum is by far the most tolerant of special flower threads.
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Is there moderation in H&B, I think no one ever ventures here.

e. 2k, nice going
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Measuring weight in "stone" is one of the weirdest archaic units of measurement still in use out there today. Crazy Brits.

Maybe this is a sign that I need to rememorize my times tables...don't think I ever bothered to learn 14.
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Weight loss is fundamentally simple. The amount of calories you intake must be less than what you use.
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