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Dad's vintage "burberrys" db blazer

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Hey there, I've been given a bunch of spot coats and suits that my Dad has had for a while. In the lot is a bunch of mediocre 80's suits, but their are a few gems including a beautiful Donna Karen sb suit, nice cashmere Boss sport coat and an old "Burberrys" double breasted blazer. It's before the current Burberry title came around. It's navy and made of a nice wool with 6 gold buttons (Burberry logo on them). I really like the peak lapels and it fits me well. Is there anything I can wear w/ this blazer to make it look stylish to go out with (21yrs old). I wear sport coats regularly, but their usually deconstructed or made of different materials. My current regulars are a velour type (not like a sweatsuit though) olive Dries Van Noten piece and a blue w/ silver pinstripe Martin Margiella cotton jacket. Very young, stylish pieces. I guess it may be the gold buttons that make it feel out of place from what I'm used to. What about a cool button up and some distressed PDC jeans w/ some Chelsea boots? Any other cool tips on freshening up this blazer or is it a bad idea period? Just wanted some advice from the regular blazer wearers on the forum. Thank you, Pete
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If it is partly the buttons that make you unfavor the jacket then why not get a tailor to sew new buttons on it? Maybe in an "unappropiate" color like orange, or a maroon for not so subversive an extreme. Or you could go with an "unappropiate" style of button like a thick metal stud (as in a bigger version of the ones some designers use for their belts that are sans the buckle yet have the holes punched through the opposite end and the stud where the buckle would be), or medium size metal hooks would be visually interesting. Also you could try to find patches to add to the jacket. I think something in the royal/griffin motif, sort of like what Slimane was playing around with at Dior, would work, especially if you get a bunch and place a few in some unusual spots like down the forearm. You should be able to find collegiate patches like this. Hopefully the ideas help, even if they might not be what you are looking for, to trigger your imagination.
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I dunno guys, maybe I'm just too conservative, but I can only envision a navy blazer with gold buttons, particularly db with peak lapel as dressed up. Paired with navy or gray slacks of the same weight as the jacket. An older guy like me would wear a T&A or New and Lingwood white collared shirt and a matching woven tie, and maybe a solid pocket square to finish the outfit. Perhaps one of Paul Smith's shirt/tie combinations might update this look a bit, and make it more palatable for a younger guy. I know VW Pete likes PS quite a bit. I just think cocktail parties and country clubs with the classic navy blazer....
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I think jeans and chelsea boots and a cream color shirt would be cool.
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What about a cool button up and some distressed PDC jeans w/ some Chelsea boots? Just wanted some advice from the regular blazer wearers on the forum.
Lol, thats exactly what I wear most of the time, not to mention we're the same age. I have Ferragamo chelsea boots and PDC jeans. I just got a Prada sportcoat for Christmas that I plan on wearing with jeans, before that I had a mustard cauderoy one. As for you navy DB one, it's going to be hard to dress down. It will be suitable for dinner engagements and nightlife, rather than casual daywear. I would pair it with jeans and a PS type ensamble Steve B. suggested. For a younger, hipper look stay away from solid colored shirts.
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Thanks for the tips guys. Steve, I kinda feel like you do as I see country club written all over it. Timothy, you've got some great design ideas. I may look for a thrift shop score and experiment with it using some ideas you described. i'm reluctant to do it w/ the Burberry because it was a gift from my mother to my Dad for their anniversary years ago. I'd feel bad doing that. I may try a Paul Smith shirt I have as suggested to freshen it up for evening wear (the Chelsea boots are Paul Smith as well--). It's funny how alot of us have similar tastes for trying something different with pieces. That's individuality that really lacks in my circle of friends my age. Fashion rules are there to break, but I still appreciate a bit of dandified (is this a word?) elegance in formal wear. I'm going to have fun with the blazer. I guess I'm lucky my Dad was about my size. Thanks for all the advice... Pete
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