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Now I'm sure you're trolling.
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To be fair, despite the perennially chippy & abrasive attitude that does him few favours in terms of likeability or credibility, Reevolving is correct that many of the looks SF like will generally only play well either in cosmopolitan towns/cities where personal expression is appreciated by at least a significant subset of the population, or otherwise be in places/professions where there are substantial reservoirs of wealth & tradition such that older dress styles persist. You can see this dual (and sometimes overlapping) trend evident in the range of locations and professions of many SF members.


If someone lives or works in either a culturally narrower or else more casual sort of place, wearing many SF CM looks would make you stick out like a sore thumb. IMO, that would would be true regardless of whether it was a "tasteful" SF look or one of the more flashy ones; both are very distinctively different to what the average person wears these days. That doesn't mean they can't be pulled off; over time, people will recognise the man rather than the clothes. But it would be eye-catchingly different in many places. Dressing like everyone else, even if that meant apeing mall looks, would be the safer - and arguably more sensible - option in those circumstances (or move somewhere else, or do a job that permits more variation from the norm, etc). Age also matters; it's much harder for a kid just out of university to dress in SF CM style than someone in their 30s, 40s, etc, simply because culturally, SF CM is an older dress style (even when done in a modern way). Also, younger people tend to be concerned about what the average person on the street thinks of them, whereas once you're more estabilished you tend to indulge your personal interests & foibles more and when you do care about what others think, it's about what those close to you feel, not some stranger.

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To be honest, it's not stylish to dress for historical reenactment and it is not classic to dress like a 'haberdashery' store sales assistant. The former is like anime cosplay and the latter is no better than RL, A&F, JCrew walking mennequin that populates our streets.
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To be honest, it's not stylish to dress for historical reenactment and it is not classic to dress like a 'haberdashery' store sales assistant. The former is like anime cosplay and the latter is no better than RL, A&F, JCrew walking mennequin that populates our streets.


This is why I conceptualise it as a hobby done for personal enjoyment & interest (analogous to your cosplay example, I suppose) rather than some vague attempt to look cool. It's much more honest that way, I think, and liberating. Provided you remain aware of the limits (esp. in terms of the effect of your clothes on those you work with, if that's relevant to your lifestyle), then it's as harmless - and fun - as any other hobby. That's also why I feel that the points I made earlier about location/age/profession are important, as they determine the degrees of freedom you can easily exercise around indulging the hobby.

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I think Reev does make some interesting points, but the message gets lost with posts like "just wear everything from J Crew and you'll look great" (paraphrasing there but that was the general gist) and then posting a bunch of fits straight from BR's website. I have owned lots of items from BR over the years, but none of it was close to "bulletproof", and most of it was far from being well made. Serviceable, yes, but not what anyone would consider to be made for the long run. If you want actual bulletproof items that are well made with a similar style, try Epaulet.
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Everything I have ever owned from BR has been garbage. Not just in terms of quality (the last sweater I owned from them a few years ago disintegrated in less than a year), but it is always very weirdly--and inconsistently--sized. Huge torsos but tiny sleeves, or vice versa. Trousers that fit well until below the knee when they flared out in an approximation of bell bottoms. My dissatisfaction with their products is part of what got me into clothing in the first place.

If it's not appropriate to wear business formal or even business casual where you work, then don't. But if it *is* appropriate, and I would wager that it is for the large majority of this forum, then claiming that CBD makes you look like a "used car salesman" or "pee wee herman" is just ignorant.
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Wait, a large majority of forum members works in a CBD appropriate environment? Since when did we turn back the clock in time??? It's 2013 not 1963.

By the way, I still have some BR and JCrew from more than a decade ago. Not bulletproof but they certainly didnt disintegrate as fast as claimed. Inconsistent sizing could be fixed by actually trying them on.
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lol, nice job reev.
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I have BR from ten years ago that holds up. In fact, I have a pair of BR pants which have lasted more than 15 years with only a tear in the lining. But I've also had a fair amount of disposable BR clothing.

The point about sizing might more accurately be described as a problem with proportions. That's a legitimate criticism.
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The last thing I bought from BR were the Spanish Army surplus pants with the bullseye reinforcement in the seat. 

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And they say that grey odd jackets are hard to wear.

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Tailored coat with a plaid shirt and cargo pants. It looks basically like he has nothing else to wear.
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And they say that grey odd jackets are hard to wear.

Cargo pants go w/ everything

It's in one of Flusser's books.
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I think this is the worst of the 4.
The grey jacket and khakis just looks like a terrible clash of levels of formality.
Maybe it works, I don't know. I just feel unsettled when I see that pairing above.

I think it is very very hard to pair light grey odd jacket.
In fact, I am not sure I can recall a single example in WAYWRN that did it right.
I have a light grey coat that I don't think I have ever actually worn.
The only think I can think that works is jeans.

The first photo in that post was hands down the best real world attempt at sharp casual.
That outfit would get a lot of compliments from women in their 20s through 40s.
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