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Originally Posted by Grayland View Post

Looks great. A classic look that could be a black and white photo from years back.


Thanks Grayland/

Originally Posted by EMartNJ View Post


Sometimes people are too polite on this side of the forum but this looks bad. The shoes (they are awesome shoes, just not here) do not belong anywhere near cuffed denim , which could use a taper, the shirt looks uncomfortably tight, and the tuck into jeans makes you look like a rancher. Also not a fan of logos.


Why do you suggest a taper in the jeans? I personally think they balance out my thighs with the look and tapering would look odd, considering I have size 12 feet. The shoes, I can maybe agree with, but being winged and brogued, I think is not as bad as wearing a plain toe oxford.


The shirt do pull a little around the arms and shoulders, but it's not uncomfortably tight imo. I can move around fully and not have that affect me.


As for tucking. I would rather tuck a OCBD as I think it looks tidy. Regardless if I look like a 'Ranger'


I appreciate the criticism though.

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A Couple Days of Heavy Sweaters

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^ Nice. Info on the first and third sweaters?
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Mr. K, digging the second cardi too, info?
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The first is a Ring Jacket in 100% wool , which I got from one of our vendors, the second is a Ralph Lauren Denim Supply I got for a great price when it went on sale and the 3rd is a J.Crew cotton that I got a couple years back.
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Or perhaps a compromise...


(Yes, it's buttoned the wrong way.)

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Still think horn would look better on navy but have to admit it looks better than I thought it would : )
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^ It isn't dark navy?

They look really nice, far better than the ugly plastic anchor buttons.

Antiqued silver metal button would be nicer, but probably the colour of the fabric is too dark for them.
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smile.gif Thanks, C. It is navy, but very dark navy...



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Fo real?
Damn, gotta get me a new monitor; it looks black to me. Well OK, not on that last pic.that much



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Originally Posted by NOBD View Post

Or perhaps a compromise...
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(Yes, it's buttoned the wrong way.)


this is hilarious.

i like the new buttons. i think it looks great.
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I am a fan of the heretic buttons. That is all.

For the moment...
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Originally Posted by Moloch38 View Post

This navy sweater is awesome, where's it from?

Sorry for late reply...Liam is right, its a Herning.

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