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Thank you, the Latin quarter did seem more reasonable. Thanks for all the suggestions!

The Latin Quarter is a good call for cheap eats. Also ...
Walk from the Louvre east along Rivoli to see a few decent high street style clothes and shoe shops.
Turn left on Rue St. Martin going towards the Pompidou Centre. There are several small pavement cafes there, and a late night ice cream shop too.
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No legend: LBM1911 / BB ESF / APC PS / BB(AS)

Usually only cuff, this time I rolled one more time. May undo.
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Looks good but somehow the top looks more fitted/clean than the bottom and I think it looks a little unflattering. I would wear slimmer jeans with that jacket - or a looser, more casual (Cabourn-like?) jacket with these jeans.
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I think these are the slimmest I have! Slimmer may require Diors. I hear you, tho
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It may look very different (i.e. better) with the jacket open - and I would assume that's how you're wearing this
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Besides what gdl203 mentioned, I would undo the roll on the jeans and grab for a less aggressive belt.
Still a very good casual look shoreman.
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the belt is "aggressive"?
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I think I'm coming to the position that dress shirts, even casual ones, shouldn't be worn without a jacket/cardi/sweater of some sort.
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Indeed a orange/red belt counts as aggressive in my book.
One that would have picked up the colour of the shoes would have looked better.

I agree with sugarbutch on the shirts.
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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post


Overall, I like it but would've chosen different color shirt.

By the way nice shoes, deets please.
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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post


sorry dude, this outfit is all over the place.

the pants look very casual (and the cuff is very sloppy), but you're wearing very formal shined dress shoes? and the shirt is just kind of ug.
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I have to agree with teger - and I would have expected something a quantum leap above this from someone with over 27,000 posts on the forum. I had to check I had that right: 27,275, in fact!

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1. Why are you still rolling your shirt cuffs only a quarter way up like that? It's terribly unflattering.

2. If you're going to wear a shirt casually, it needs to have casual details. Button-down collar, beefy oxford or flannel fabric, often a chest pocket or two etc etc. I'm sure you know this already, why aren't you implementing?

3. Ultra sleek loafers do not work with casual pants. I think we've said that before...they also don't work for your body type TBH.

4. Those pants actually fit better than most others I've seen on you. They might work with those tan bucks you have, and perhaps a navy gingham check casual shirt.
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j.crew blazer
Brooks Brothers shirt
Epaulet trousers
Crockett & Jones for Ralph Lauren loafers
Howard Yount pocket square
Timex watch
American Eagle NATO strap
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