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Originally Posted by southbound35 View Post

Your looks have consistently improved and I don't want this to come across as overly critical.

It could be phone camera/angle/size of mirror in this pic, but I swear those pants look like you're wearing tights that are a size or two too big.... I have no idea what size shoe you wear, but they look absolutely enormous on the end of the that tiny leg opening (the fact that it's not the most attractive shoe, as many, many, many have mentioned, aside). And, to be honest, most of the pants I've seen you wear seem too skinny at the leg opening for your large-ish feet/shoes.

I really like the style of the sweater, but I feel it may be a skosh too small (probably not a even full size). You can clearly see a line of demarcation along the top of your pants; it's also a bit tight around your pecs. Maybe a tight undershirt could alleviate the pecs issue.

But, otherwise, kudos to you for making a conscious effort to improve your style and having the balls,
Agreed that tassel loafers aren't the answer. Second on the longwing.


Thank you :)


I think its about half camera angle, they're actually a bit looser than my epaulets (not much) but they're a very thick llama/wool blend that kind of stands to attention by itself. Re: my clarks, they're size 11 or 11.5, I do have clownfeet and the DB's definitely don't help with that. The pants issue is probably correct, though they usually look better with my less ugly shoes.


Re: sweater, I'm a far cry from jacked, but if you look at my more casual fits, the disparity between my chest and waist is so pronounced I'm either squeaking in the moobs or flapping over the flanks, I usually try to aim for some kind of middle ground, but with stuff that can't be easily tailored (esp. knitwear) I don't generally have a good option. also, I'm wearing one of my particularly ludicrously huge belts, which I probably could have foregone today.


I have longwings with me, they're just not particularly warm, and they're a pain if you're walking a lot. I know my shoes get more shit than kappelan's crocs, but it really is an issue of comfort and practicality. I'd like some other kind of shoe that's comfy, and somewhat more casual than the longwings, if you think penny loafers or something else might suit me better I'd love a suggestion, I think my posts are proof that I probably shouldn't be allowed to dress myself.


Thank you for a truly helpful post :)

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Penny loafers would be better than tassle loafers for you imo. What you have to take into consideration though, is that fall and winter is the upcoming seasons. Buying a pair of loafers now wouldn't really make a lot of sense, unless you are completely set with winter footwear. You'll get to wear them for a couple of weeks, maybe a month, and then they have to collect dust for half a year.

If you have to walk a lot in the winter, remember that leather soles (at least single soles) doesn't insulate against the cold very well, so a pair of sturdy boots or shoes with a commando sole or at least dainite (or something along those lines) would probably be a good idea to own. I wear my leather soled shoes and boots in winter, but I walk maybe 5 minutes outside every day.
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Get a pair of nice sneakers, e.g Common Projects. Would look great with that SNS sweater
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Reminds me, I need to get a new pair of Clark's desert boots.
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Not sure whether I'll get the approval of our fellow forumites, but I could imagine you very well in a pair of those, Liam:
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Originally Posted by Rambo View Post

Not digging the cantaloupe sweater. Completely kills the chambray shirt/khaki vibe.

I actually like the sweater but would have used loafers instead... shog[1].gif
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Originally Posted by Louis XIV View Post

Not sure whether I'll get the approval of our fellow forumites, but I could imagine you very well in a pair of those, Liam:

those things are horrendous...
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what about liam in dr martens?
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yep those are bad too...
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Good for waffle making and kicking through the shins.
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Originally Posted by Liam O View Post

Bear in mind this is only my opinion; this would be a billion times better, if you got some better shoes!
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Get sand wallabies smile.gif
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So in light of the Clark's hate, I wore the longwings (or cap toes, they have both and I'm not really up on shoe etymology, AE strands) today instead. I've walked four miles, and as long as I wear muppet socks, that seems to be okay. Again, sorry for the shit pic, but lack of mirrors and people I can ask to take pics etc. You've all seen these pieces before anyway. colors are pretty much dead on.


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That isn't longwings, just fyi...
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