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I posted this in the WAYWRN MC then realized it may fit better here.

This is my typical daily look, LVC Levis, British shoes (sometimes Italian) and an Italian jacket, this one by Napoli Su Misura. The scarf is the Harem print scarf from Monsieur Fox.

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one day left to enter the DENIM CHALLENGE





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Originally Posted by Isolation View Post

Foxtooth (and others who may have experience), do you know how the waxing process would look on a linen shirt/safari jacket? I imagine it'd be kind of weird since linen is kind of there for the texture.

I wouldn't wax linen.  Most weaves of it are too loose and porous, which sort of runs counter to the purpose of waxing it.  


Any cotton can work if it's tightly woven (poplin, twill, duck) regardless of the weight, but loose weaves would probably be weird.  You'd likely get something that didn't look all that great and didn't work toward the purpose.


I suppose a tight linen twill or herringbone could possibly work, but I certainly wouldn't try it on a garment.  Maybe if I had a fabric swatch.

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After a longer break in the casual thread, here is my comeback.



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Hello guys, even though it is oficially spring we are in full Summer mode already. Really high temperatures and very sunny days... soon I will be forced to stop wearing shirts, what a pity.


Here are two very summery outfits, very casual and all... one of them I thought about posting in the White pants challenge a few fridays ago... but then re-thought about it and came to my senses LOL:



This one below I used to go for a walk by the river in a sunny warm afternoon... 


@DonCologne, I like the pants-shirt combo and the jacket-pants combo but I am not entirely sure about the jacket-shirt combination here, too close in color tone.

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