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Patrick bateman

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I've been reading some of the "style icon" posts, and it seems that a lot of you guys misunderstood the point of American Psycho, which is that Bateman is a huge wanker. He is obsessed with minutaie, he is ineffectual and even his fantasies are pathetic and mirror his sick but conventional and puerile tastes (the man listens to Phil Collins and calls him (Collins) a visionary, for God's sake.) Please, please, guys, don't try to emulate Patrick Bateman in any way. Everyone should know how to present themselves, and I find that if you have a elementary knowledge of fashion history and the fashion industry, you are more likely to develop a good sense of style. But if you can't afford it, don't deficit spend on expensive designer clothing. If you're going to a wedding, concentrate on celebrating with the wedding couple, not on whether you wear a pocket square or not. Save some money so that you can pick up the bill for your friends sometime. Ultimately, your style comes from having confidence and definitely will not come from being a simpering narcissist. Every woman worth her salt will tell you as much. Okay, that's it. Now let's discuss style.
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I agree to totally with LA guy, under the knowledge that many people actually like Bateman as a person, and like the way he thinks about fashion... I don't, although I included him on my list. I like the fact that he owned every possible article of classic Yuppie clothing, and I aim to do the same for every decade I'm alive. I love my clothing, and I'm not afraid to show it. And yes, LA guy, the confidence and the personality and basically the GUY makes the look, not the clothes make the guy. Out of curiousity, who's the bearded Gucci model? He's beautiful, the bastard. --European Interloper
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LA Guy: Your point is well-taken and, as with all of your posts, intelligently articulated.  But:  Though I've never made a Patrick Bateman-related post, I suspect you may underestimate those in this forum who have.  I can't speak for any of those posters, but I think they know that Bateman is a kind of satire (a funny indictment of a person, an era, a mindset), a cartoon or a caricature of sorts, and not to be taken all that seriously.  I suspect they know that lopping off a head after pontificating whether "Sussudio" is the finest cut off of Phil Collins' brilliant "No Jacket Required" (which, by the way, it so clearly is) isn't necessarily all that stylish. But what Bateman- and American Psycho- is, is funny and clever and, for those in this forum, a great way to laugh at themselves while still staying themselves.  One of the most important traits a self-confident person can have in my estimation is the ability to laugh at themselves in a self-deprecating manner- few characteristics are more charming (as long as not overdone-that's bad), and people who can't do it usually aren't all that likeable or endearing.  I think their listing of Bateman as an icon is done with a knowing wink- that they recognize what's up.  That they recognize the character of Bateman, to some extent, makes fun of them (and us) but that it's still pretty funny and cool. See, there are many (if not most) in the world outside this forum who would argue that all of us in here are Batemanesque just by spending time in here on what is, in essence, minutiae- even though it's important to us, we recognize that we're not curing cancer, just having fun by posting on better ways to  enhance the quality of your life (all that style is anyway- a smarter, better, cooler, sexier way to live).  I'm sure they all recognize that, and Bateman is just a hyper-exaggerated version of that.   Acknowledging Bateman is, I think, a kind of poke at what we're doing here.  Kind of like an intelligent, educated career woman thinking of Pam Anderson or Marilyn Monroe as icons- knowing that they, too, are "cartoons" (but what great cartoons they are, huh?) and exaggerated versions of real women whose lives they wouldn't want to emulate in every respect- but parts of whom every woman would do well to emulate (awareness of their sexuality, etc.)  Same deal here- I doubt that any of the Bateman posters here mean to say that his character is a complete blueprint for how to live- but instead that (as we all believe) its absolutely OK for guys to be conscious of, and serious about, appearances, clothing, skin care products, etc.- but not to take it too seriously, in lieu of what's truly important in life. Then again, I could be wrong.
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I agree with Gator Style and the other posts. The reason why I like Patrick Bateman so much is because of his attention to detail. Although Bateman is a complete jerk that I would never want to know in life, the fact that he is conscientious of his looks and clothes is admirable. Especially in America where not many guys are concerned about such issues. But like the other posts, Bateman is an extreme exaggeration of a materialized person, and shouldn't be taken seriously. So bottom line, I think it is fun to emulate Bateman's savvy morning ritual and designer wardrobe, just don't take it to such an obsessive level. My favorite line in the book is when the taxi cab driver is robbing him, and Bateman tells him he is a dead man, and the taxi cab driver responds, "And you are a yuppie scumbag. Which is worse?"
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alright I'm in book 3 of the vampire chronicles and i've lost hope completely. I have no clue what y'all are talking about, someone fill me in, where do I start reading?
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American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis. Read the book then watch the movie not the other way around.
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well spoken

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nice TTO

but necro man.... 2002? that's almost decade.
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