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Originally Posted by mrbateman View Post
It's very worn. It looks as if it's been rubbed with sandpaper. What is the polishing process like?
Same as with shoes: a little conditioner followed by some colored cream. I wouldn't use polish. A good belt should last many years. I have some my sister gave me in 1984 that I still wear regularly.
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Here's an epic threak which contains a lot of good info despite the OP:
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Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy View Post
Crockett & Jones also makes some nice belts (I can't say I like all of theirs however). But, this suede one is especially nice. It would look especially good with tan/khaki, grey and navy.,13323.html

I'm wearing that very same belt right of my favorite Ebay snags.
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Originally Posted by KObalto View Post
Here's an epic threak which contains a lot of good info despite the OP:

Hahaha. Thanks!
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Originally Posted by KObalto View Post
Here's an epic threak which contains a lot of good info despite the OP:

Funny the OP thought that belts go unnoticed. I thought it obvious that accessories are king these days.

To the OP it looks like you're on the right track with C&J. Having shopped around for belts recently, I have to say that I loved the leathers of some of the French belts (Hermes, LV, etc.), too, all of which you can easily find without the weird logos. A nice quality belt will look better over time.
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Ben Silver's Crocket and Jones is expensive. Whether it's worth the price is a matter of opinion. I have the dark brown in a weekly rotation and the black one for special events.,5223.html

The Brooks Brothers is less expensive and certainly acceptable. It's what I use to wear.

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I get my belts from Equus Leather ( and the Worcestershire Leather Company ( Alot of choices between the two and the belts last.
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+1 to mark kielty. level of service and attention to detail is top notch.
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martin dingman also solid
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I just listed a bunch of belts for sale here:
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Ralph Lauren Purple Label Made in England.

FWIW there really is no "best" belt, just the one that "best" matches your shoes.
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I wear an Hermes 'H' belt. What is so awful about them?

Sure you can't buy real ones at a bargain price. You hating on those who can buy it?

I would recommend you buy a belt from a leather accessories brand, rather than a shoe brand. Unless you like vanilla.
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Originally Posted by maseace007 View Post
I order mine custom from Rewards in Austin or Maidas in Houston...

Both stores recondition them for free for the life of the belt as well (redye and replace snaps), I have a number of buckles (some classic, some western, some trendy) that I can interchange on the five straps I have (brown leather, black leather, brown gator, black gator, and tan elephant).

They're not as inexpensive as BB but a much better deal.

I live about a mile from Maidas, they share space with a 'Shoe Hospital' that also sells Aldens. A great selection of belts and good service, but as you say, not cheap!
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