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Originally Posted by gdl203 View Post
All my shoes stay in their dust bags on shoe trees. I don't understand the breathing comment, my bags are made of fabric and are wide open at one end so my shoes have no "breathing" problems

Ditto and it stops anyone potential scratching of mirror shines.
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Well I don't do that anymore. They're now all out of bags on shelves. Too many shoes of same makers to store them in bags and not know where each pair is.
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Originally Posted by visionology View Post

Another just for travel here. I keep them stacked in their appropriate boxes on the shelf with shoe trees. I have the bags that came with them lying flat on the bottom of the boxes to prevent scuffing.


Same method used here. That way I'll keep everyting together without the hassle of putting the shoes in and out of their bags each time.
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Some of my shoes are stored 1 shoe in bag and another one without the bag inside shoe box. What I have realized with shell cordovan the shoe inside eth bag looks perfect but the one without has a lot of white wax build up. There was a lot of white wax dusts(I mean a lots and lots - it looked *ucked and unwearable). I had to spend 5 minutes brushing them off.This happens to my shells only and if the shoes are unworn for over a month or so.
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Originally Posted by grimslade View Post

No bags. Bags will prevent against dust, but are detrimental to breathing and airing out.
that silly.
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My shoes rest upon shelves in all their glory like freshly baked cakes, each pair quietly beckoning for attention. I tossed most all of my boxes ages ago and the bags given away; a practice I occasionally regret but I look at it this way, if they are boxed they are out of sight. Out of sight = out of mind and they may end up forgotten altogether. Each pair has shoe trees inserted and receives conditioning once per 2-3 months, shelved or worn.
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Tree'd, Bagged, Boxed.

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tree'd for all shoes, no bag, dress sit in coat closet shelf, casual at garage naked.

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All in bags in trees after 24 hours and no scratching of spit shines.
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I keep mine out on the floor of my closet so I can see them all each morning. I generally decide which shoes or boots I want to wear and then choose my suit from there. I wear each pair 1-3 times in two weeks.


I don't worry about dust or scratches because I am careful and I keep them all polished. At least once/month I polish all the brown together, then all the black together. If a pair gets scuffed, I polish them soon after.


Shoe bags are for travel.

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Bags only for travel, and then only if I cannot pack clothes around them to protect from scuffing. At home, on shelves, no boxes, no bags. I figure we have the expression "tough as leather" for a reason. If I really thought the material could not withstand sitting on a closet shelf unprotected, then I would not want shoes made out of it.



It may be that I am after a different effect than the bag and box crowd. 

I don't like a mirror shine, I don't shine before or after every wear, and I find that buffing after waxing gives a bit more shine than I want. So shoes sometimes get a few days rest after waxing to let the shine moderate.



I like vintage shoes that are old and look old. 



For travel I use homemade microfiber bags, not cotton.


I don't believe these flimsy, wicking, porous bags could could have any effect on the small amount of moisture coming off shoes, but bagging shoes right after wearing might lead to the bags picking up odor?

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I use one of my Allen Edmonds shoe bags to keep dust off the head of my clothes steamer.

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