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Help for leather-soled shoes?

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Hi all, First time poster here. I recently bought a new pair of leather-soled shoes, but the soles are still pretty slick, and make walking down the street a somewhat dangerous proposition. What's the best way to add some grip/traction to them so I don't slip and slide all over the place? Thanks in advance for any advice.
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Sevcom, Put them on, stand on your driveway or sidewalk and twist your ankles so the bottom gets skuffed-up do the same thing with the heel. Then you'll be good to go. \t\t\t\t\t\tparsonsdb
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Scuff 'em up a bit (the soles, that is).  There was a post on this in the forum some time ago (maybe a month or so), addressing the slip-and-slide, ice skating effect associated with new, leather-soled shoes.  You should probably check that out, because the concept is identical. The upshot is this:  walking on them on an abrasive surface - asphalt sidewalks, etc.- will soon scuff up the soles.  Once they get that way- it shouldn't take long- you'll be slip-proof.  To expedite the process, shuffle your feet a bit as you first break them in.  That'll scuff them quicker.
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