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Please advice on altering my jacket

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Hello, Today I received my Corneliani suit. Before reading further, please take a look at the jacket below. The whole suit almost fits me perfectly. Unfortunately the chest seems to be too tight. When I slightly push my shoulders backwards the chest of the jacket is pulling. Therefore I can only conclude that the chest should be somewhat bigger. I got this suit for a very nice price and I really really hope a good tailor can alter the chest a bit so that there's enough space. Of course I am willing to look for a really good tailor. Do you think this problem can be solved? Please give me advice on this matter, Mike
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It might be helpful to include photos of yourself wearing the jacket.
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there is no rtw maker that constructs the chest so as to be let out.
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ya, no hope for altering chest but take a picture and show us.
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Ok, I will take a picture this afternoon and post it on this forum. Thanks, Mike
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Hi, Here are some pics of the my jacket (Suit is 40R):
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Hmm, looks to tight. Not real bad but not right. Can you exchange it? Your best bet would be a next size up then have it taken in at the waist. Furthmore, it looks a little tight in the shoulders so maybe a larger size is the best idea.
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It looks good. It also looks like the top button might want to roll instead of being buttoned. That would solve the chest tightness problem.
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+1, I don't think you're meant to use the top button. It's probably a bit too tight anyway, but at least see if that helps.
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I think it looks suggested, on this jacket only do up the middle button, and you shouldnt have any problems.
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If you look at the model, you can see how the lapel rolls to the middle button (or more accurately, rolls past the top button). I don't think you're supposed to use the top button too often.

but it still might be a slight bit too tight. hard to say.
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Hi, You're right, one size up might solve the problem. Actually I measured my perfectly fitting Hugo Boss jacket (40R/50R): Chest: 44 inch Shoulder width: 19.7 inch Waist: 40 inch This Corneliani jacket (40R/50R) is: Chest: 42.6 inch (difference: 1.4 inch) Shoulder width: 18.5 inch (difference: 1.2 inch) I guess it's best to exchange this suit for a 42R/52R (there is no 41) Corneliani suit and take in the new pants afterwards. I already asked the seller to measure his 42R/52R. Hopefully this will solve the problem. Mike
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you need a larger size in the chest/shoulders. then the sides can be taken in. even the back looks tight. remember the shoulder/chest area is first for fit. the rest can be altered. also you have a left low shoulder.
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The measurements you posted for your boss suit are very close to my corneliani 52R, so maybe that's what you need.

If it's really restricting your movements, it's too small.

I do have the backs of my suits let out sometimes, after buying the correct size for the shoulders. My posture hunches over sometimes and letting out the back a bit keeps the jacket from pulling.
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Thanks Billiebob, You're right, I just got the measurements from the seller and the 42R/52R seems to be very close to my Hugo Boss suit. Mike Thank you to all for your help!
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