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cotton pilling

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Is pilling essentially a given when dealing with thick cottons?

I've recently found some nice thick cotton thermal underwear, but after a couple washes it's already pilling.

The pilling in and of itself doesn't bother me, I just worry if it's prehaps indicative of a greater flaw.
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I've got a Fred Perry pure wool zip-neck pullover thing which get lots of winter wear. It's been pilling for a while. Doesn't look too good.

This morning I found a Kennex 'levapelucchi'; a little battery-operated machine with holes and a rotating blade which removes the little balls. Instructions in Italian, of course, and they advise me to use the 'brish' to clean it out. I think my proofing services are in order.
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The length of the staple is a determinant of propensity to pill. Longer-staple, better-quality cotton pills a lot less. Pills are the result of little breaks in the yarn, so it is an indication of "damage" in that sense.
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