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What is Cheaney quality like?
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Originally Posted by ike_hiking_boots View Post

What is Cheaney quality like?

Pretty good imo.
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Seems like the Cheaney thread is relatively quiet compared to others. Thought it would be nice to share some recent purchases. Really happy with them.







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Wonder if anyone has any experience of Cheaney's with a commando sole, specifically if they have more cushioning/comfort than dainite/leather? I have leather soles on my dress shoes but I don't exactly do much walking in them.


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Hi Lucido


That is a wonderful image of the Ribble!


The Commando sole is a thicker rubber sole than a dainite and so there will be some added protection against impact/cushioning.  There is no additional comfort devices within the shoe - the sock and leather insole are the same as you would find in dress shoe - based on the styles we stock.


We called into the Cheaney factory yesterday to view some leather for a boot MTO we have planned. William Church met us and was wonderfully helpful.  We think we have leather we want, so we'll post the boot when it is finished - it is a more casual style though it will be Dainite rather than commando...


I hope you find the boots you are looking for and do let me know if we can be of any help.





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Wore my 'James Finch' by Cheaney for the Friday Challenge:


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It took almost three weeks, but my winter boots finally arrived. Pretty happy with them; the leather is super-soft and they are comfortable straight out of the box. The Brit sole looks cool, and should provide ample grip. My only gripe is that the tongue is a single piece of leather; some padding would have been nice. 




There are not exactly a lot of opportunities for outdoor shots at this time of year, so here is a rather boring indoor shot instead.

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Not enough love for cheaney on the forum. They're solid shoes.

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