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Both Sold

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2 pairs of pants - add shipping...

RLPL navy linen trousers size US36. 100% linen, Made in Italy, Flat front. SOLD
waist: 37" / inseam: 30.5" + 1.75" / rise: 12.6"

Incotex light blue chino lino trousers size 52 (US36). 55% cotton/ 45% linen, Made in Romania, Flat front. Tags cut and the waist and seat have been let out which has left some marks on the waist. SOLD
Waist: 38" / inseam: 30.5" + 1.75" / rise: 10.5"

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pm sent on RLPL
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damn you!! i want those RLPL if the deal doesn't work out
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