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I am running into the same problem if you find someone please let me know.


Thanks, Curls23

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Hello Jay,I am looking for high in tie fabrics like Charvets, Zegna, and Jay kos.  Would you have something of the caliber in stock?


Thanks, Curls23

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Hi,where in new york are you located?
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Hi Jay,


I'm also very interested in starting a new line of ties and looking for the best manufacturing options. Please contact me when you get the chance. 





mtstrock@gmail dot com

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hello... i am very interested about this information.
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Not sure if you had any luck with that but you should check out


They'll give you the names and info of tie manufacturers in your area, its $35 a month however just to get the contact info is worth it. 

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Hi JFK-esque



I am looking for a manufacturer for to make small runs of my ties. I'm based in Brooklyn, NY and sell online as of now.  I'm interested to talk to you. Thanks!

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so did anyone come up with a neck tie manufacture in the us for smaller orders?


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Here is a youtube video showing where High Cotton Bowties are made at Brown &Church.

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There a few manufacturing companies that still handcraft neckties in the U.S.,but there are a still some. What locations have you looked into. There is a Abbott Neck-wear in Los Angeles and they still work with small custom orders. Obviously, with smaller orders the cost goes up but they have been in business for years. I have worked with them to create small bridal orders making items from self bow ties, ascots, and neckties but I have seen them create custom made vest and shirts so they can create smaller orders. Its a small family business and they work very well with confidentially-from my perspective it extremely important. Hidden Gem in the Garment District in Los Angeles.


Hope that helps

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Bumping this thread.

I represent a tie factory in Brooklyn that can handle orders from small batch to large-scale production. We offer sourcing of fabrics as well.
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There is a broad MTO thread in the MTO subforum here. You might check in there; I believe they are looking at ties.
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Try ADF Accessories out of NY.

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Originally Posted by JFK-esque View Post

Hi guys-

Reviving this old thread. I represent a tie factory in New York that is available to produce runs of ties from small- to large scale productions.
Please message me for more information.

Good to know. Im looking for a tie factory for my tie business. Please help!
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