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Edmorel - You state your product is designed assembled and manufactured in the USA.  Is there any way for me to get additional information from you?  Thank you.

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neck tie seems to be such a small product but yet so complex... :) i am the third generation in neck tie business , we have jacquard and dobby power looms and a stitching unit ; BUT we are still learning everyday. Actually the problem is trends and fashions change rapidly but its difficult to change the manufacturing infrastructure with the same speed. 

my suggestion to you is NOT TO LOOK for Tie manufacturer....   always try to get the fabric of your choice and then give to any tie stitching firm with the sample of your choice... 

Outsourcing from other countries in this Global era is no issue... you just need a good agent in USA :)

Good Luck

Dr Abbas

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Did you have any luck finding a small-run necktie manufacturer in the United States?  I believe we have similar interests but imagine you are much further along than me since you posted this quite some time ago.  I look forward to hearing form you.  




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ryan, where are you from, North Shore? where. lets chat.

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Yes, northern suburb of Chicago; which is referred to as the "north shore".  Yourself? 


Do you have interests/experience in necktie manufacturing?     

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Northshore, I run a small bow tie company in the Northeast. Our primary goal upon starting up was manufacturing in the US. One way we achieved this was by employing local quilters and seamstresses. We're able to produce about 7 or 8 ties in each pattern very easily, and it's easy to change patterns quickly. This is just a suggestion of course but I thought I would shine some light on an alternative means of production. I look forward to hearing from you. - Ryan Farr CEO, Farr & Hum
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I am in the mist of launching my new and unusual necktie line, that I have personally designed and sewn, but am having an issue with packaging. I have a 4 pc collection, I need something with a see thru top, any leads would be appreciated.
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Hi guys-

Reviving this old thread. I represent a tie factory in New York that is available to produce runs of ties from small- to large scale productions.
Please message me for more information.

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I am building my website as we speak, need to know where to get the help if needed to reproduce this very unusual tie collection, since I have gotten some very good feedback !
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Jay, I read your post, and have a small but unique re-design of the traditional men's necktie.  I have a provisional patent on the design, and am looking for a US based manufacturer to produce the initial prototypes, get off the ground, etc.  If you have interest in discussing further, please email me at inskenny@gmail.com


Thanks, Ken

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Ryan, Do you need one to send the fabric to you or do you also have fabric available? I am a small business owner and currently looking for one to make some custom silk neck ties.



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How's it going Jay? I would like more information about your tie factory here in NY. I'm part of a membership that's establishing a tie line. However, unlike most of the ties, we also have a provisional patent on a design, and have begun to set our company to sell. We want to focus on keeping out style somewhat couture, so we won't be mass producing our ties just yet. We are adamant about producing and manufacturing ties here in the US. I can be reached at cardelldesignerneckties@gmail.com, or would like your company's information so that we can discuss. Thank you.



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Hello Jay, 


I'm looking to starting my own bow tie business. I'm also located in New York. Can you email me at medheights@ aol.com and tell me the location of your factory?

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Originally Posted by JFK-esque View Post

Hi guys-

Reviving this old thread. I represent a tie factory in New York that is available to produce runs of ties from small- to large scale productions.
Please message me for more information.


Hi Jay, 


I'm new to this forum. I posted a message earlier, but wasn't sure if the message was directly sent to you so I'm posting it again. I'm also located in NY. I'm also looking to start my own bow tie business and I am looking for a manufacturer. Can you email me at medheights@aol.com so we can talk further about this?




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Jay, we have a new line of neckties we need manufactured.  Can I get your email to send details?  


Regards, Ken

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