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Driver caps? ski hats? baseball? fedoras?
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Ive bought 3 hats recently. A driver's style cap that's kind of trendy. It's made from courderoy, ultrasuede and grey wool, each fabric is in different sections of the hat..really neat. I bought a Rault Lauren baseball cap with the American Flag on it. .4 bucks at a discount shop so I figured "what the hell" and today I bought one of those trendy wool hats that go down to the mid'ear range. Kind of like what Enrique Eglasias wears. I think you gotta have the right look to pull that one off though. And i have my winter hat from last year. Grey wool with retractable flaps for the ears. Valentino has some georgious fedoras out this winter, though. If i found one of those I'd surely buy it.
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I have several fedoras--chocolate brown, light grey, and charcoal. I don't wear them enough. Cars ceilings are too low to wear them when I drive. I worry about taking them off inside, and how to carry it/where to leave it when I do go inside. I also feel slightly Halloween-y when I wear one. Maybe I will grow into them. Bic
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you might want to check out good ideas for all kinds of hats. it is worth and worth's website, a great hat shop in NYC (used to have a location in chicago, as well). that's where i bought my capellificio cervo hat, EXCELLENT fedora for the fall and winter months. good article on hats at the site library, if you do a search on fedora or cervo, i think.
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