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Hello, Does anybody know about the brand A.P.C.? Apparently it's a French brand, and is sold at Colette-like stores, Colette included. Thank you.
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This is the best link I can find... APC I've been to the NYC store, and the clothes are really cool. Every once in a while I'll pick something up there.
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Well what do you need to know? I used to buy a fair amount of stuff there. As noted, French and decently well made. It's pretty hipster in the $140 sweatshirt kind of way (although just the right shade of plum). The fit is rather long and lean. I'm a fairly trim guy but even at my most hungry I've never been able to squeeze into a pair of pants there. The shirts and jackets fit like Agnes B., although a little longer in the arms, which can be a problem for jackets. The look is a little starker and darker than Agnes B. They used to do slightly higher end stuff, it seemed to me. They made wonderful, simple corduroy suits and used to do great pieces in oiled cotton. Seems like its a little more street these days, with sweatshirts and t-shirts and camouflage, but in a French kind of way. I've seen it at a few US department stores in the last couple of years. Hope that helps.
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Great basic pieces. I used to wear the jeans a lot, but the trick is to *never* wash them, which I couldn't abide. I still wear a lot of the shirts and sweatshirts, and a jacket once in a while. Nice details, great garment dyed and washed materials, and very cool fit in a "anti-fit" sort of way - a very French aesthetic, and a nice contrast to the body conscious Italian style.
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Forgot top add, they are pretty much the original designer mail order store, very useful for me since I now live in the style wasteland that is Boston. Check it out at
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i concur with la guy thin silhouette but modern looking basics sort of hip upper end quality basics to what everyone from j crew to banana republic copied
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About three years ago, I paid $75.00 for a five-year calendar/agenda from They call it a Quinquennal. Each open page shows one week covering 2001 through 2005. It's about 1 inch think and relatively heavy. I love it -- I do strategic planning for a living and run a lot of projects, etc. I love being able to put things two years out on my calendar and be able to see out that far. I tried keeping a calendar on a PalmPilot and in Outlook, but for me, nothing beats this quinquennal and a pencil.
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So from what is garnered from the replies it seems it's a brand similar in rank to Emporio Armani? In example Emporio Armani, Byblos, Sisley, etc. type of the lower spectrum of the high end market.
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So from what is garnered from the replies it seems it's a brand similar in rank to Emporio Armani? In example Emporio Armani, Byblos, Sisley, etc. type of the lower spectrum of the high end market.
Ummm... not really. Emporio Armani is much more highly stylized than any of the pieces you'll find in the APC line. I consider it more like Marc Jacobs, just with better styling. Plus, Sisley is the European equivalent to GAP and BR. I wouldn't put it in the same category as Byblos or EA.
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Well, I know that EA is much more stylized but in terms of rank they seem in the same range. Isn't Sisley the high end line of United Colors of Benneton? I believe it's an Italian design house. Byblos is in my opinion quite similar to Emporio Armani.
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Not sure that what you mean by "ranking" makes any sense. Emporio Armani is a diffusion line of a major fashion house. Byblos is a less well known design label. As stated earlier, Sisley is the equivalent of a European Banana Republic - the high end arm of a mass marketer. A.P.C. is a minor designer with streetwear inclinations, like Cloak or Rogan, and its appeal is quite different than any of the above. I guess that in terms of pricepoint, A.P.C. is somewhere between Banana Republic and Emporio Armani.
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