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my Patriots just upped the "please... HATE OUR TEAM (a lot of the time justifiably so)" ante by signing hayneswoth...

hopefully its more of a corey dillon outcome. then again randy moss did have one of the most awesome runs in WR history.

one thing I hate about living in NYC is not being able to really wear patriot stuff (like tshirts ect), you can actually wear celtics/redsox/bruins stuff because of the huge amount of transplants.

I've worn redsox tshirts to yankee stadium and been fine... but the patriots gear seem to bring the crazy out of the giants fans and even worse jets fans
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Only somewhat enthused that I'll be able to cheer the 49ers to yet another 7-9 season (if they're lucky).

On the other hand, excited to see if Austin Collie can make it an entire year of getting pummeled without getting injured.
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Kolb to the cards for DRC and a 2nd round pick, with a 5 year 63 million contract. Wow.
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I always suspected Reggie Bush was going to be a bust... but check out these crazy stats (from ESPN).
Since joining the team in 2006, Bush missed 20 games. In those games, the Saints went 13-7. That’s a .650 winning percentage. In games Bush played, the Saints went 36-24 (.600).

But we have much more than that. In games with Bush since 2006, the Saints averaged 25.9 points. Without him, they averaged 29.8. In games Bush played, the Saints averaged 377.4 yards per game. When he didn’t play, they averaged 419.8.

The Saints completed 66.5 percent of their passes when Bush played. When he didn’t, they completed 67.6.
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^^ Still one of my favorite players to watch.

I really hope Miami can land Orton. If so they are have a legit shot at 9-10 wins.

Kolb deal better be incentive heavy otherwise that is probably too much imo. That contract is top 15qb money and idk if he's there. Sucks Breaston got away from Arizona but I can't blame him for heading to KC. Bowe, Baldwin, DMc, Charles, Breason in the slot, and apparently they have a good TE; too bad about Cassel though:p

Are we waiting on Nnamdi to set the market? Seems the defensive backs have bottle-necked for whatever reason. Fingers crossed for the Texans to grab Nnamdi and a safety!!

Also, I love how the Redskins are heavily involved (again) in FA yet nobody gives a shit. They will never learn...
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Ochocinco to Pats.
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Originally Posted by cross22 View Post

Ochocinco to Pats.


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Wow,, what a secondary.
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Damn it Nnamdi. Too bad he went to a city full of scumbag fans.

In other news, Cam Newton just signed a 4 year, $22 million contract, all guaranteed. I got to say so far, I'm liking this new rookie wage scale.
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I still think The Pack is the team to beat in the NFC. They won the Super Bowl without their starting RB and starting TE.
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Originally Posted by Thracozaag View Post

Wow,, what a secondary.

Came back tonight and saw this. Hot damn! I still don't think we're winning a Bowl this year (or ever), but at least we can make any team that plays us miserable!
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Originally Posted by cross22 View Post

Ochocinco to Pats.

Might as well sign TO also to see how much they can really be hated.
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I swear to God, the Pats have some sort of Voodoo going, it's the only way to explain how they can turn a couple of late round picks in like 2013 into two former pro bowlers, one of whom is only a year away from being the cream of the free agency crop and who could well be as good as ever.
Why don't my 'niners ever make trades like these?
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If you're talking about Fat Albert, he's going to wear out Belichick's patience by the middle of the season and be out the door. I think the Redskins got the better of that deal.
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