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no luggage is bulletproof. you need an unconditional warranty
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i want to get a globetrotter. already have a rimowa salsa as carry on. might also get a customized lv keepall.
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I like Filson for travelling via car. Rimowa/ZHalliburton for plane.
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Originally Posted by Digmenow View Post
Briggs and Riley. Tough, tough luggage with an ironclad lifetime 100% guarantee.

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Just remember, no-questions-asked warranty is great if you're looking at checked luggage. For carry-on, I'd just go light weight. I take care of my stuff as I'm sure most of you guys would! 5lb vs 3lb is a big difference in the world of carry-on...
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How are travelpro carry-ons?
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Originally Posted by chevron View Post

How are travelpro carry-ons?

I had a TravelPro carryon that I used regularly for 15 years until TSA changed their regulations about toiletries and I started checking it. After only 2 trips, it came back on the luggage carousel missing a zipper pull, with a small pinhole in the ballistic nylon, and the zipper to the main compartment torn away from the fabric in one small spot. I immediately stopped checking my luggage once again, but the damage was done and the zipper soon stopped working. I've replaced it with a Briggs & Riley. The B&R seems comparable in most ways, including weight, but has a lifetime warranty.
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its very bad quality luggage and customer service is very bad and not honest

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its bad quality luggage and service is very bad not honest

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