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Thanks for those examples and for all the advice! Mr. P, I can only see the 2nd and 3rd images in your first examples. (tie and white shirt). What is the missing pic? I thought I'd update you guys: I got the job! Starting Monday and the dress code is business casual. I'm thinking of spoiling myself with a nice pair of shoes and a basic "starter kit" for pants and shirt. Not entirely sure what business casual is, 'cause the examples I see in google images are very boring. I hope there is a way to spice it up. I will have to spend some more time on here! Thanks again guys!
Well, I work in a "business casual" environment as a computer engineer, and I frequently see help desk/call center people at work. Business casual in my experience: Pants: chinos, wool pants if you want, or in some instances (especially Friday) jeans Shirts: Polos, dress shirts, or sport shirts Shoes: Anything but sneakers Belt: Normally matches shoes No tie, no jacket, etc Your best bet on a budget would likely be to go to Brooks Brothers (or an Outlet) or a Land's End Inlet and stock up on basic chinos and maybe a couple pairs of wool pants. Also get a couple conservative dress shirts - white or blue. After working for a few days to get a feel for the dress code there then get some more shirts/polos. You will see recommendations all over this website, but shirts from Charles Tyrwhitt can be had for ~$35 each and will be much better than a department store shirt (like Macy's). Paul Fredrick is another option on a budget. For shoes, if there is a Nordstrom Rack near by that can be a good place to start. Otherwise DSW normally has at least some Johnston and Murphy or Cole Haan shoes at a decent price (<$100). While you won't hear praise for these brands here, if you need to build up a rotation cheaply they will do. Then you can start adding better quality shoes as time goes on. In my opinion, it would be better to have two or three decent pairs of shoes than one good pair of shoes because shoes need to be rotated or they will wear out prematurely. Congrats on the job, by the way.