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Originally Posted by Richard Pryor View Post
I did bang the secretary. We've had some interactions before when I took some depos at her office.

Anyway, I really acted like a fag with this other chick. Really liking Alpha Male so far. Thx 4 the recommendation. Truly life changing.

My problem was treating this bitch like she was something special. Thing is I get tired of women who give me their pussy too fast and start calling too often. Take the secretary, for example. She's now calling everyday and i'm like whatever. But that makes her more interested in me.

Looking back at this thread, it was truly a learning experience. I acted like a complete fag, starting from my messages through FB to making plans to make plans later. Jesus!

Weird thing is I have everything going for me. Good looks, good job, good income, good property, good genes. Yet I was being shy with girls I was interested in (not girls I want to fuck).

So far I've read about 90 pages of the book, and I highly recommend it to anyone reading this pathetic excuse of a thread. Girl of my dreams, lol. Suck this cock, bitch.

Really happy it helped out. It's a really good book. Cheers.
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Was this entire thread a viral ad for John Alexander's How To Be An Alpha Male?
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Originally Posted by Richard Pryor View Post
Just so you guys stop pittying me, wanted to let you know that today I banged the secretary of an opposing lawyer, in her office while he was in court. So I may have acted like a complete fool with this particular chick, but in no way am I depressed by the rejection of this other girl.

I didn't see her at the gym today, but I'll probably see her tomorrow or sometime this week. I will act as if nothing ever happened. Not gonna completely ignore her, but will certainly mind my own business.

so now thats over with... please repost the pics from before and new ones. My memory is failing me and all i remember that she was a slender, hot, tanned, brunette, extremely pretty face with a cute nose...and there were bikini pics as well.

thanks again for the thread, but please repost pics!
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Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post
Bud Fox!
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rotfl-ing. right now.
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Ok, guys. You've had your fun. But this bitch can suck my cock. I've been reading Alpha Male by John Alexander and have a new perspective.

Please help me with this current chick. I think I might have a shot.
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