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Well, the Perfumed Court sells a 15 ml decant for $459.99. That is certainly gilding the lily. My price is almost 60% less. Nonetheless, I can see how $200 seems high for 15ml of juice --- albeit some pretty fabulous juice at that. I'm not quite sure how to price something like this, and I would certainly be open to reasonable offers.
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I have these two up for sale. The 1oz Irish Creed I can do $65 paypaled and shipped and the 2.5 Millesine I can do $105 since I used it, as seen in the photos.
Don't hesitate with any questions.

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Got a 10ml decant of Divine L'Homme Sage - $30 shipped.

Let me know if you're interested.
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Alright guys, since this thread is absolutely dying in here, I've asked Fok to go ahead and shut it down.

Please post all fragrance related sales in FS:Other.

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Is this thread still alive?  I just found this site and have a few fragrances I would like to sell:


Kenzo PH 50ml 80% - $15

Versace l'homme 100ml 85% - $25

Aramis Tuscany 50ml 65-70% - $20

L'Artisan Fou d'Absinthe 100ml 95% - $90

Rochas Man 100 ml 80% - $30

Divine L'Etre Aime homme 50ml (refillable spray) 95% - $90


Add $2 shipping for each.  If someone want to buy the whole lot, I'll do it for $260 shipped.

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This station is non-operational : (

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wow it is so sad to see what happened to this thread... I want to thank everyone who has done decants as the selections have been amazing and I've gone back and bought full bottles of most of the decants I've picked up. I have also pick up a lot of other stuff since only to find them vile... the selections here have been amazing.

I know its a re-decant and its late to the game but I would like to offer a decant of Le Labo's Rose 31. Initial interest is how can you have a masculine rose scent and initial impression was that THIS is what I want my laundry to smell like. I have had nothing but complements from women when wearing it. You just can't go wrong with it. If anyone is interested in a decant I'll pick up some atomizers.
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