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Umbrella: Cheap out or get something stylish and/or expensive?

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As you can see, I'm finally getting around to the last details of my wardrobe. The "raincoat premise" applies: Angel: You buy an umbrella every 10 years, so why not spend some money on something that is truly a better product? Devil: Who really needs to look good in the rain? It's raining. No one gives a shit about your style. Just cheap out and get something for $20. I'll spend big for a 1 time purchase, but only if I feel I am getting superior/distinctive style or quality. Is it worth paying $100+ for a basic black umbrella that looks like some $10 Walmart umbrella ? I'm not sure. I understand that with umbrellas, "style" is probably limited (thankfully), and you're probably paying more for a "non-cheap" feel, and sturdy build, rather than style/fit/fashion. But, the fact remains, are $20-30 umbrellas that bad? Or are they well built golf umbrellas that withstands heavy winds ? Beyond that, is a carved wooden handle really worth a 500%-1000% premium over the basic staple? Last point is that umbrellas are often lost and/or stolen. That may be another reason to save your money, and stick to buying a new $10 once in a while. Disposable. Know of a great value umbrella? What's worth the money? Shedrain? Gustbuster? Serviceable or shoddy? Any ideas on good umbrellas that aren't a blatant ripoff for dumb people looking to be parted from their money? Thanks for any ideas.
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I bought this and it served me well until my friend sold it with his Porche by accident.
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If you want the umbrella to double up as an accessory as well, go with Fox umbrellas (from the armoury). They are well built and look absolutely classic. I personally use a gustbuster (classic model) -- living in FL, it gets crazy during summer time with gusting winds and daily thunderstorms that come unannounced. I'd spend more on a classic trenchstyle raincoat (like the one you see in old movies) since that will last for a LONG time. Paired with a proper hat, you'll be dry even in heavy rain.
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You need a dress umbrella and an everyday umbrella. The mistake is committed when people use their dress umbrella for everyday events, and this results in losing it on the subway or forgetting it at the gentlemen's club. SA Brigg and James Smith make excellent umbrellas (even everyday ones) and are by far the most accessible. Artisans include Talarico in Italy, Sarawut in Thailand, Pep's in France and a handful in Japan that make solid stick umbrellas with custom canopy options. For everyday use, you have many choices. I personally wouldn't carry an expensive umbrella for everyday use as the worry of losing it is too much and I've lost some very nice ones, including hard to find vintage English umbrellas.
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Senz will do
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everything Pantisocrat said
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I'd go for a reasonably priced one, nothing too awesome but something classic and functional. Half of the year I live in a city where it rains on average 2 out of 3 days during the entire year. Not kidding! So I've used plenty of them. During the last years I bought two nice umbrellas (at the beginning, when I arrived to the city, until I learned my lesson). The first one: lost. The second one disintegrated just few days after I bought it, because a extraordinary wind blowed suddenly. I guess you don't leave in a place as extreme as this city, but still, an umbrella is something that is meant to be used. And carried. And this means high chances that it'll end up lost in some café or theater. Or just will break because of the use. That's the reason umbrella-repairers exist But for me that is too much hassle. So I always go for a decent and functional one they sell for aprox. $10 at 7-Eleven. BUT, the umbrellas that have been recommended in this thread look very nice and they're not at all expensive. So I'll give them a try. EDIT: The other day I saw this one which I like.
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My umbrella cost $13 at Target, is made out of a questionable wood, and the tip broke after three uses. However, after repairing it with some super glue, it held up for a brutal New York winter and is still going. Never had to worry about leaving it somewhere, because it was so cheap, and generally if it's so windy/stormy outside that it might wreck my umbrella, it just gives me a good excuse to stay indoors
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Originally Posted by entrero View Post
Senz will do

Senz in action!
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Originally Posted by Galix View Post
BUT, the umbrellas that have been recommended in this thread look very nice and they're not at all expensive. So I'll give them a try. .

SA Brigg is a $300+ umbrella.
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Originally Posted by Reevolving View Post
SA Brigg is a $300+ umbrella.

LOL! Sorry, I didn't remember that recommendation

I meant the M&S one.

BTW, the video you posted of the senz umbrella is awesome! Not dressy but just perfect for everyday use...
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My umbrella is also black and is from S.T. Dupont. I love the quality!
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A friend once told me, "You never own an umbrella, you just borrow it from the universe."

He was referring to how easily they're lost- left behind in a taxi or taken by mistake at a restaurant; conversely, they're found in taxis and sometimes you'll take the wrong one from a restaurant. I wouldn't spend more than needed to get something functional, because I've never held onto an umbrella for more than a couple of months.
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I have a large golf umbrella that I like just fine, but one of the seams had come undone. That was the impetus for thinking of an umbrella upgrade. Well, I just duct taped the entire seam. It seems to work quite well, and doesn't impede the (un)folding in any way. This takes any urgency off getting something new. Especially when the benefits of splurging for an umbrella are not as clear cut as a fantastic looking pair of shoes, tie, or jacket.
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At the top end I'd go with James Smith over SAB or Fox... but all 3 are quality umbrellas (but at a price). For a less expensive umbrella, I like Fulton Umbrellas (especially the Titan). Links below:

discount SAB's
James Smith
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