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Would anyone mind posting Ande's measurement chart and fit guide? I live in China and whatever host he uses for his images seems to be blocked by the great firewall.

Thanks a bunch!

And go Ande!
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ande whalls grifters, 2+ years, 4 washes. pre-wash, post wash with dr. bonner's coming soon

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Those look great.

How'd you size? superfuture fit?
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lol, no, I think i did 1 up because these are shrink to fit. tight as fuck right now.
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fabulous job, as usual, poly.
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these are 2008 cone mills version of ande whall grifters. They have about a solid two+ years of wear on them, they developed knee tears on both of the knees, just got them patched up, finally wearing them again. This is my example of how regular cone selvedge fades.
self edge repair
destroyed coin pocket fixed by a local tailor on the cheap in chino hills
leather patch. I'm so happy to have these up and running again. I should get back my other pair of grifters sometime soon, will post pics of those when I get them back
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Has anyone purchased the grizzly ? I'd love to see a fit pic
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im pretty sure thos thread is dead but just ordered a pair of SR6s.... pics to follow. the craftmanship looks amazing
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I just got the sr6 in the mustang cut.


The denim is nice but the construction is even better, top notch.
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This thread deserves a bump.
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