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Great alteration tailors in London - Pinnas and Needles

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Just thought I'd share this.

These guys took over Mr. Thomas (retired due to ill health) in Lexington St a few months ago.

They are two brothers. Quite young and very passionate about their work.

I dropped a few jackets and a suit in there a few days ago - one of the suits had to have the sleeves taken up via the shoulder. They were concerned about the resulting change in pitch. I went back today as they asked me to pop in - and they have attached both sleeves at different points to see which would give the best result pitch-wise.

Never had that kind of attention to detail before or that level of expertise. Maybe I've just had bad alteration service in the past but these two guys seem way ahead of the game. They also seem quite down with teh "SF aesthetic"

Anyways just passing on the info as I know this subject comes up from time to time and hopefully this may help some others.

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Very useful intel, thanks. I'll be employing it on that G&H tweed jacket I bought from you in time for autumn, when I'm back down to my 'fighting weight'.
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sounds very promising, thanks.. do you happen to have the street number?
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Thanks for sharing, I've been looking for a tailor in London and since I don't think I know anyone in the flesh that has ever used a tailor it's invaluable to get recommendations (I'm not going to be taking my suits to the local dry-cleaners for "adjustments").
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Thanks Malford. I've been wondering where to go since Thomas left.
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It's 51 Lexington Street Be prepared to get some funny looks. The doorway for all intents and purposes resembles a "Soho walkup"...
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Just thought I'd add my praise to the two great guys Domenico and Frederico working at Pinnas and Needles. Had them tailor an overcoat for me on short notice and they were extremely professional and had good banter the whole time, albeit in Italian. Was so impressed with their service I took along a friend to have his wedding suit tailored there too.
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I'd add to this

I had a jacket completely "re-tailored". They were very meticulous and concerned with getting the right silohouette of the suit. They'd pinned it, re-pinned it, and got it exactly right. They got the sleeve length perfect. The suit was excellent after the work, I was more than happy.

However, I should point out that the work was done by Youssef, he's a very experienced tailor who worked with Thomas when the shop was previously called "Thomas Tailor". It is great that the new owner respect the experience and the guard and that the business hjas continuity. But, the concern (that might be misplaced) is that the younger tailors are not as yet able to manage the same level of complexity as Youssef, consequently you can only visit at the shop when Youssef is there - as you want your tailor to see what needs doing. I might be wrong about that, and in any case it was worth it.
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Originally Posted by MalfordOfLondon View Post

It's 51 Lexington Street
Be prepared to get some funny looks. The doorway for all intents and purposes resembles a "Soho walkup"...

I actually found Thomas when I was looking for cheap sex (and I just happened to have a few suits which needed altering).

I am glad he's been replaced by new blood -- Yusef wasn't as good as Thomas.
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This is exactly what I've been looking for recently - I have a backlog of items which has accumulated since I heard on SF that Thomas retired. What's the pricing like on alterations work under the new proprietors?

I'll start with something relatively simple - hemming and cuffing new pants.
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Used Franco Santoro near Regent Street today, fixed up a jumper where it had come apart at the elbow for free, on the spot. Genuine little tailor hidden above a shop facing the loading bays at the back of Hamleys - came reccommend from the people at FUK along with Pinnas and Needles so definitely worth a try for anyone who finds this location more convenient.
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I've been using Redwood & Feller in Pimlico since moving to the area. Did a decent job altering a suit and a covert coat on two separate occssions, including taking the latter's arms up at the shoulders with no trouble. Friendly customer service from a traditional father and son tailors too, which after trying the abysmal London Fashion Workbooks and getting treated like dirt is a result for me. They do bespoke as well, but not been in the financial position to try that yet.
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For any SFers looking for tailors in the East London area, I have used Michael Wood (based in Leyton) for some alterations on a suit. Had a little crease below the neck fixed, and tapering the jacket at the waist along with a full trouser taper.

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Seems to be a few emerging now...this used to be a conundrum for London members!
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Bump for this thread.


Any updates / experiences with Pinnas and Needles?  In particular, how are they with complex alterations?


I used to use Thomas and was never disappointed.  I have had some disappointing experiences since (including Redwood and Feller who - if you can believe it - overshortened a suit sleeve). 

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