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TIES! TWO FREE HERMES! Brioni, Gucci, Brooks, Ricci; emblematics, regimentals, more!

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I'm going to be away from Internet access until July 20th, but I'll respond to all PMs then! And I'll also be listing a slew of beautiful jackets....

FREE HERMES TIES! The first two chaps to acquire $60 > $50 of ties from me will each receive a FREE HERMES TIE!

I'm listing a slew of ties today, including Brioni, Gucci, Langrock, Brooks, Loewe, The English Shop of Princeton, and more!

All prices include shipping in CONUS; International inquiries are very welcome, with shipping (likely just an extra $2 or so) at cost.

All ties are silk and in excellent condition unless otherwise noted.



Each of these ties is free with $60 > $50 of other ties from me!

There is, however, a slight catch.... I thought that these ties were in Very Good condition, but when the light struck them at an angle when I was looking at them sideways from above I noticed the very faint ghost of an old stain on the front of each. This can't be seen at all EXCEPT from above at an angle and when the light is in the right place, and so these ties are completely wearable unless you happen to have people standing over you on ladders all the time staring at your ties. Or you're a midget whose ties are constantly stared at my your co-workers. But, I do need to mention this flaw..... and so these ties are FREE!

2) Group 2: Regimentals

All these ties were previously listed, and so appear here with price drops.

a) Unknown maker; no keeper. Very Good condition. $9 > 8
b) Stefano Ricci. $14 > 13
c) Land's End Charter Club. SOLD
d) Lanvin. Excellent condition. $14 > 13
e) Liberty of London Argyle and Sutherland regimental. The trad. classic! SOLD
f) Faconnable, West Surrey Regiment regimental. Made in France (who were no doubt defeated by the West Surreys at some point! ) Lovely and classic regimental! $15 > 14

3) GROUP 3: Regimentals

a) Taylor Ltd. for The English Shop of Princeton. Small keeper off on one side. Very Good condition. $14 > 13
b) The English Shop of Princeton. Good/Very Good condition. $14 > 13
c) Brooks Brothers Makers. SOLD
d) Unknown maker, possibly Brooks with a replaced keeper. Very Good condition as a result. SOLD
e) NOS Brooks Makers with original pricetag still attached! Lovely tie! SOLD

4) Group 4: Plain and Patterned

a) Harrods of London. Thick, luxurious silk. $16 > 15
b) Chaps by Ralph Lauren. Pure linen. Very Good condition.SOLD
c) Club Room. ALL LINEN--a beautiful tie! $14 > 13
d) JAB. Don't be fooled--this is a lovely, lovely silk knit! Made in Italy.SOLD
e) 1950s/1960s patterned tie. In excellent condition! Silk. SOLD

5) GROUP 5: Patterns

a) Club Room. Thick, luxurious silk--feels almost like wool! Slightly rumpled from storage, hence just $12
b) 4 in hand. Thick, luxurious silk. $14
c) Brooks Brothers Makers. Balloons! $14
d) Lord & Taylor. Propellers? Snaffle bits? No idea! SOLD
e) Ibbas, from Italy. BEAUTIFUL tie! $18`

6) GROUP 6: Emblematics

a) Lighthouses. Polyester. Great for summer!SOLD
b) New York PGA. Silk. $14
c) Scales of Justice by Cape Cod neckwear. No fabric listed, but probably silk. Small pull on front, as shown. Very Good condition. $14
d) Shepard & Woodward of Oxford. I believe that this is possibly a college emblem, since they're one of the main suppliers of academic regalia? Poly. $12
e) University of Virginia Alumni Association. Very minor pull in the knot area, as shown, hence just Very Good condition. All silk. SOLD

Group 7: Patterns and Paisleys

a) Hardy Amies. $14
b) Robert Talbott, for The English Shop.SOLD
c) Rooster. Silk printed in England. A lovely tie! SOLD
d) Unknown maker; lovely silk purple paisley. $12
e) Liberty of London. Wool challis; very small hole in front. SOLD

8) Group 8: Exotica!

a) Langrock--lovely nubby silk from the premier Ivy store in Princeton! This is in Very Good condition, and has a wonderful texture. Made in England. Asking just SOLD
b) Loewe bulls. Lovely and luxurious! Made in Spain. From one of Europe's first-rate leatherworks! SOLD
c) Brooks Brothers Makers. $14 > 13
d) Gucci; a rare subtle and wearable Gucci tie! In Very Good condition, simply as it's older. $20 > 19
e) Brioni. In Very Good condition as it's older and has a faded label. Hence just $20 > 19

9) GROUP 9: Varia

a) Talbott boys tie. SOLD, or FREE with two other ties!
b) SAKS Fifth tie. Lovely! $14
c) Mansure & Prettyman. Handblocked wool challis from England. Beautiful! $20
d) Wool knit. Great for summer! NOT CASHMERE! Could use a dry clean as it's a bit rumpled and dusty from storage, hence just $8.

GROUP 10: Trad Summer Ties

These have been previously posted, and so appear here with prices drops on all.

They were originally listed here:

a) JAB whales emblematic. A preppy summer classic! XL. All silk, and made in the USA. SOLD
b) Liberty of London Archival peacock print. All cotton; made in USA. A perfect summer tie! $14 >13 > 12
c) Liberty of London all-cotton handmade Indian seersucker-y tie in an unusual and classic pattern. Wonderful texture, and excellent condition! SOLD
d) Lanvin of Paris. All-silk seersucker-y tie. Made in Italy, Excellent condition, and beautiful texture! A really gorgeous tie. SOLD
e) Rooster all-cotton handmade in India madras tie. Beautiful!SOLD
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Any of these ties 63" in length or longer?
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Very Generous Offer, GL with Sale!
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Price drop on all remaining ties in Group 4!
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Sending you a PM
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Updates; remaining ties in final group reduced.

FREE Hermes ties now with just $50 of other ties--and, yes, this can be combined with lower offers on other ties!
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Price drop on remaining ties in Group 1
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Updates, and price drops on remaining ties in Group 3!
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Updates, and price drop on Brioni, Gucci, and Brooks in group 8!
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