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Double monk strap shoes

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Does anyone know where I could find some nice double monk strap shoes? I saw some Ferragamos at Saks last year but passed them up to buy some lace-ups and I kick myself every day for doing that. Since then, I haven't been able to find double monkstraps anywhere. I know John Lobb is known for their double monkstraps but I don't have a grand to drop on shoes right now - I am looking for something in the Ferragamo price range or maybe a little higher.
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I seem to remember that Prada made double monk strap shoes in theri collection. I believe it is the current collection.
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I've seen a few ones here in Milan, there's a pair I'm lusting after right now. I forgot if it's at a Vergilio store or one of the Pollinis or some other place. I saw them but didn't react immediately. They were roughly € 240. When I got home I realised I wanted them; I don't remember exactly where I saw them and I haven't had the time to go browsing/shopping yet. I spend too much time at the office... I will let you know when I find them. Manufacturers like Church's makes them at times, don't they?
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Double monk strap shoes do have a niche in the market and most English manufacturers have a model in their program: Crockett & Jones (Cadogan), Edward Green (Westminster), Church's (Cowes). The famous one, and their signature model, is of course John Lobb. I believe, the style was invented in the workshop of John Lobb (St James). Later when John Lobb (Paris) was sold by its London founders and was acquired by Hermes, Hermes got the right to produce ready-to-wear versions of the designs. It is not the most popular of designs, it probably has little mass appeal; therefore only the more expensive manufacturers have it in their portfolio. Apparently, the French are very fond of the style. Italian manufacturers like Prada or Ferragamo might well produce their version in a particular season, but they probably wont keep it in their program year after year.
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There have been a lot of double-monk shoes in recent collections. I saw the Ferragamo's you mentioned and really liked them. There may be a pair or two at Nordstrom Rack by now. I've seen shoes from the same season there and a pair recently made it onto ebay. Gravati also does a version - I saw them at Wilkes Bashford in San Francisco. This style is not the best for my foot (I have a high instep) but I like them anyway. I picked up a pair of the John Lobb "William" and I love them. Even better I got them for a mere $275.00.. Grenson does a version for their Masterpieces collection. Very high quality shoes. You can find them here: Grenson Masterpieces - Felstead Price with shipping is approximately $325.00 which is a great deal.
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i have a pair of gucci double monk strap shoes which men and women always seem to comment on as if they're lusting after them so i guess there's something subtle to be said about wearing a pair
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Speaking of double-monk shoes - her is a cool pair: VUITTON
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Thanks for the tips A Harris - those Vuittons are nice, but unfortunately are likely about 1/2 size too large for me. I am intrigued by the Grenson shoes however - are you familiar with this brand? How do they stack up to the other English shoemakers - Crockett & Jones, etc? I've looked around and it doesn't appear that any of the other English brands have double monkstraps in their current collections; if I don't see anything in the next few months I might take a chance on the Grensons. Otherwise, I might just save up for the Lobbs. Any other suggestions would be much appreciated...
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Which John Lobb double monk are you interested in?  The Williams/Vintage or the 2002? As you know, most of these English companies have been in business for ages, so they have different lines; I am not sure which line of Grenson you are refering to, but (having seen them in person) I would rate Grenson on the same level as Trickers or New & Lingwood, as the leather is soft and uniform, but not quite like Edward Green.  If I remember right, Grenson came out with the double monk pretty recently, and the two straps a parallel to each other compared to others (like Lobb), where the top strap is curved according to the foot.   Mantellassi makes double monk strap for Borrelli.  On display, it is available in brown suede.  Lobb has the Williams/Vintage made in every leather (and color) imaginable (even white pebble).  Crockett & Jones also has one called Cadogan in burnished brown, black or pebble (like Lobb's Williams).   In US currency, Lobb's Williams - $1000+ ($995 at Saks during winter sale), Lobb's 2002 - $1200+ (limited quantity), Borrelli (Mantellassi) - $895.00 (in New York), C&J Cadogan - roughly US$500+.  Edward Green's Westminster - $1500+ at Saks (I think it's sold out as of December 2002).  Ferragamo also makes one for much less.
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Bryce330, In case you haven't yet found the shoes you're looking for,I saw some very interesting Antonio Maurizi double monk strap shoes at Nordstrom earlier this week. I don't know if the chain generally carries the same brands nationwide (I live in Seattle),but they sure were nice: a dark taupe (only color available),that tapers to a squared toe. Beautifully detailed stitching on the vamp. Cost was around $285-95, I believe. Unusual color,for sure. Not your everyday monk straps.
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I fear I run the risk of asking one of those "What color tie can I wear with my white shirt questions. . . " But here goes. What do you wear your double monk straps (for example, the Grenson Feldstad in brown or black calf) with? Would the double monk in brown or black be as versatile as a captoe lace up, suitable for a double or single breasted suit in both winter and summer? How about with jeans? Khakis? Please advise. . . .
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On the formal>casual scale, a monk strap will clock in a notch below the lace-up and well above the slip-on. Lace-up and monk strap are both dress/town shoes, the monk strap is just a tiny bit more idiosyncratic. Basically in all situations, bar the most formal ones, when you would wear lace-up you can wear a monk strap (single or double) as well. Let the color and the leather texture (smooth leather is more formal than heavy grained), be your guide.
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What do you wear your double monk straps...with?
I wear my brown pebble-grain Lobbs with anything I damn well want to, from suits to jeans. Peace, JG
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