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Internet reviews > 100.
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My friends Rashwan, Nora, Robin, kyle, Justin R, Aaron, and Brandon. I would trust this group with my life.
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My mom and my best friend. I would include my close guy friends as well but at times not all of them are there, or I am just not that open with them. There was a ex s.o. that I would have included but...
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Originally Posted by itsaKarrahBoo View Post
There are very very few trustworthy people in this world, I'm happy to have found one of them. My current guy has to be one of the most trustworthy people in this world. He's very honest and I can tell him anything without worry of it leaking all over the world! I can say, without a doubt, I can absolutely trust him with every aspect of my life. (:

just wait until those videos are on the internet.
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I trust quite a few people in my life:

My family (5 siblings, parents)
+4 friends
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To be completely honest, I feel that when it comes to the issue of trust, you will get completely screwed over if you trust too many people too often - that's what being gullible is and you will get taken advantage of. On the other hand, if you trust too little, you'll just end up a loner and paranoia follows you everywhere - trust and respect go together and are usually mutual with another person and every now and then you need just roll the dice and have some faith in others and it might just pay off. Like everything else, you need to find the right balance - trust the right people, and even with the right people you have to pick what aspects of them to trust.
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I found it painful to read others say their mother, because I couldn't rely upon mine.

Fortunately I do have people in my life I can trust - my wife, my brother my son.
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Originally Posted by PrimusPilus View Post
Maybe I'm a pessimist, but I trust no one absolutely.

I agree. But i do trust my 18 month old niece even though she snitches me out when I give her chewing gum
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My dog he is always there for me. And he listens to what I say and does what he is told, unlike my teenage son!
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The parents and a friend. It's sad how more vulnerable you become the more you want to trust.
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Interesting thread. At this point, my parents, my siblings, and one of my male friends. It used to be two of my friends, but one of them has taken a dip towards substance abuse, and people reliant on drugs or booze will always sell you out for them. I have been stabbed in the back by female friends too many times to ever trust one of them in the way I trust another male. Not at this point in my life, at least
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Originally Posted by munchausen View Post
It's hard to say. It's not really one thing, but a long history of showing yourself to be trustworthy. My business partner is a guy I've known since college and I've watched him be honest, often when it would be a lot easier not to be.

One thing I would say is that if you meet someone who is mistrustful all of the time, they are probably not trustworthy.

I trust shay maria...
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My original response was, "With what?" I have family that I trust immensely but there are certain situations in that I'd trust my closest friends over them and vice-versa. That isn't to say that one group is more trustworthy than another, it's just apples and oranges. With my family, it's the product of being raised with safe and strong support. With my closest friends, it's years of mutually having done stupid shit that could fill a blackmail bank but forgetting about it the next day. Also, I realize that a common thread with these friends is that there is no favor tally; no matter what the next one is, big or small, either person is eager to do it. That's priceless to me.
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I trust people to act as they usually do.
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The government.
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