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Who do you absolutely trust?

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A friend asked me this yesterday and I answered that the only person I absolutely trust is my mother. In business, I trust people to be skillful and knowledgeable but not much beyond that. Lovers and friends usually mean well but the road to hell is paved with good intentions...

Is there someone you've come to trust completely? What sealed it and made you believe you could trust them?
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It's hard to say. It's not really one thing, but a long history of showing yourself to be trustworthy. My business partner is a guy I've known since college and I've watched him be honest, often when it would be a lot easier not to be.

One thing I would say is that if you meet someone who is mistrustful all of the time, they are probably not trustworthy.
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My best friend Tobias. He has been there for me through all the good and all the bad. I trust him more than anybody or anything. He is the best and truest friend a person could ever possibly have. I am blessed.
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my wife and parents. some of my siblings. some of my friends

its hard to say what exactly sealed it. i guess knowing them long enough and an established trust that has never been breached.
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absolutely...probably just my parents although I am not sure I would want to put the most serious of things upon them. I would probably find someone more like a friend or lover who I might not trust absolutely but that I feel I could trust with that particular issue.

I've had pretty good luck with girls I have been in serious relationships with...but I can't give it the absolute moniker. Their own self interest is going to be involved and of course there are issues that might involve them--but they are probably the closest if I need to tell someone something or rely on someone to come through for me. Friends seem to have a way of leaking information to each other or to their significant others...its not malicious but its somewhat expected (unless it was something crazy enough to shock them into keeping their mouth shut in all that time with the dead pizza guy in the trunk...)
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My parents (five years ago my father would not have been included), father's parents, brother, sister, several friends, and one of my college professors. If it's possible to have degrees of 'absolute trust' my mother would def be first. Also several 'fringe' friends who have never given me a reason to not trust them but just haven't been in tough situations.

Everyone named has shown a willingness to have blind faith in whatever situation was present and are in general kind/decent people. Every relationship has been different. One friend I have played soccer with since we were 10 so we've gained a trust through that. Many weekends traveling together, with gfs (shared hotel room etc), to various tournaments helped.

I grew up with, and still have, an exceptionally tight family which has withstood some relatively difficult times.
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Anyone with a 3000+ post count on SF
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Originally Posted by HRoi View Post
Anyone with less than a 3000+ post count on SF

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I mistrust anyone who made more than 3000 posts. It shows too much vanity. It is often the mark of a cad.
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My father and a girl i've known for about 10 years. I don't really trust anyone besides them.
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Nobody. Trust but verify.
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No one.
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After thinking it over i cant really name anyone.
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Originally Posted by JayJay View Post
No one.


My parents, my wife, and my daughter. Implicitly.

Also my friends Jon, Wesley, Robert, and Greg. All have proven time and time again that they're quality men.
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my dog
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