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Anyone going to the Black Box party?
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Any good stores in Salem?  For that matter, anyone know of anything worth doing around Salem?  I'm heading down there for school.  Last semester I don't think I found a single person who could tell me something fun/interesting to do around town.  Hopefully I'll have time to catch a bus into Portland one weekend and visit Blackbird etc. 

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Theres a good bar venti's that has a solid tap list and a real good happy hr deal - 3$ imperial pints.
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Thanks, I'll have to check that out.  I haven't heard about it which is surprising since its only a few blocks away from the school.  Only bar I've been to is The Ram.

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Tharsos, where do you go? PSU?
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anyone have a recommendation for a place to get a good haircut in portland?
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Rudy's is decent albeit kind of annoying at the same time. Good for a 20 dollar cut though.
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michael at rudys pearl location.
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Oh hey, it's Portland in here.


I liked the cut I got at Rooks, $25.

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Art n Sole (1412 NE Alberta) is going out of business. These are the Red Wings they had in stock as of last night:


2406 - Steel toe - reddish color sizes: 10E2 (wide), 10.5E2 (wide), 11D (D=regular width) - $102.00
8111 Iron Ranger - amber 12E2 - $135.00
9011 Beckman - black cherry - (all D or reg. width) 7, 8, 10, 11.5 - $160.00
9014 Beckman - black - D widths 7.5, 8, 9.5, 10.5, 11.5, 12 - $$160.00
6681 Steel-toe hiker sizes: 14, 15 - $50.00
8681 Soft-toe hiker size: 11.5- $50.00

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Hey - I used to live in PDX - what a great town.

I just shopped Frances May on this here internets and purchased a brown flannel shirt from Pendleton's Portland Collection. Can't wait til it gets here.
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Did anybody else go to Content tonight? If you don't know, Content is an event in which designers have free reign over their installation in a room of the Ace Hotel.


I thought it was interesting---not a very "Portland-y" event, in the way that I tend to think of it, but maybe I just don't travel in the right circles. I personally enjoyed the rooms that focused more on displaying their items than on being installation art. Some of them were inaccessible because they seemed like a designer just hanging out with their friends.


Mime at Content 2011

I don't know what the point of the room with the mime was... I can't remember what designer they were representing. (


On that note, I think Tanner Goods had my favorite installation. The goods were well-presented, there were some interesting leatherworking tools around, I got a free pencil, and they were just very open and inviting. I also liked the Draught Dry Goods merchandise---some quality bags and leather goods that are lighter than those from Tanner. Of the more conceptual spaces, I did like the one from Pattern People, which was a peephole into a room covered with bright and interesting patterns.


Draught Dry Goods

The Draught Dry Goods display---nice leather-wrapped handlebars! (


I didn't make it to any of the after party events because I have a cold...

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I was there too! My buddy from Blackbird got us in fo free haha. It was a pretty bizarre event, but very cool nonetheless. Sort of funny, it was the first Portland event I've been to where I actually saw people wearing designer or high end labels.
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