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The Circuit last night was MUCH more crowded than I've ever seen it on a weekend! A pretty solid line of people watching pretty much every wall. I've never been on a weekday because of my job, so I can't compare. I imagine it's because people who like bouldering tend to like doing things outside on the weekends, unlike me.


Places to hang out in Portland? Coffee shops! Heart, Coava, Ristretto are all very good. Even good ol' Stumptown. The Eastside isn't deserted, it just doesn't have the downtown office crowd during the day. People gather at bars at night, including downtown and near downtown. If you're into it, there's Ground Kontrol just north of downtown---it's a bar/arcade. There are also a handful of movie theaters---some very cheap---that serve beer (Laurelhurst, Cinema 21, Living Room, Bagdad).  If you want to go for a walk, the Japanese Garden and the neighboring arboretum are nice (the former has an entry fee).

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I've been meaning to get to Langlitz when I have a free-day.

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Originally Posted by Svenn View Post

Where does one go in Portland to just sort of hang out if there's nothing specific to do on a day? I've been going to Portland down from Washington a few times a month for the last year or so to see my bespoke tailor; if there's no one to hang out with I tend to go to Powell's, run up council crest, try to find a walk somewhere ( any tips?), or just meander down hawthorne. Downtown seems kind of lame, especially at night... but east of the river seems deserted?

lets see,
bring a book and maybe play some giant wizard jenga in cornel sumners park on the weekends, also bellydancing/poi/hula hoop club meets there. easy to score the chron.
explore forest park
walk up mt tabor and catch the sunset *highly recommend*
sit in any brewery or beer spot (hair of the dog, upright, lucky lab, base camp)
wait in line at screen door
go out to sauvies island if you have a car and get fruits
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^ any of those things except wait in line at Screen Door!

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you guys ever do a portland meet up?
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We tried once(?) but it didn't happen. I still want to. The Woodlands/Tanner party this Saturday might be the closest thing.

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yeah was there last weekend. great guys. might be worth a try
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I'm gonna try to make it over to the TG/Woodlands party Saturday, later in the day. It's always a good time.

If anyone's looking, I'll be the tall dude w/ the cute, curly blonde haired toddler (subjective, but confirmed by numerous un-invested parties). Can't miss him.
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Ill probably be there. Ill be the short asian! haha.

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Huh, my post about this last weekend didn't go through... Anyway, Self Edge is coming to Portland:
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Originally Posted by ChetB View Post

Woah, that's great news! Any idea when the store will open?

August 3rd! With an opening party on August 10th.
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EDIT: Kiya just beat me to it!

Amazingly, I will be gone both days on family vacation. Pretty bummed actually.
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