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Congrats. Now if only my 6ers can pull it out in 7.....
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Hats off to the Spurs. They played a fine series, and I take back everything I said about Tony Parker's maturity. After his turnover in game 4, he really showed stamina and stepped up in game 6. And Tim Duncan showed for the first time why he is the MVP. You're right, Ambulance. The Lakers will really need to regroup for next year. The injuries to Rick Fox and Devean George and the uncharacteristically poor play of Robert Horry exposed the severe lack of bench talent. I mean, Mark Madsen and Medvedenko? But I hear that Michael Jordan is looking for a new job. And with Phil in L.A., does anyone forsee Jordan as the ultimate sixth man? Well, one can always hope.
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HEINOUS RUMOUR: Malone, Pip and MJ to the Lakers next season. good god.
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Of course, Kobe, even in defeat, looked a lot sharper than Timmy. Note to Tim Duncan: you're a millionaire many times over. You can afford some nicer shirts.
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HEINOUS RUMOUR: Malone, Pip and MJ to the Lakers next season.  good god.
I heard this rumor too.  I don't think a reunion of Dream Team I would go over any better than a typical reunion of aging rock stars who used to play together, although it would put every single Lakers game on TV.  What the Lakers really need are (1) a third credible scoring threat (along the lines of a Ginobili) and (2) a defensive-minded power forward to guard the likes of Duncan, Webber, Wallace, Garnett, Nowitski, etc. (Jermaine O'Neal would fit nicely here, although I think he is a restricted free agent).  Unfortunately, I don't think the Lakers have the cap space to make any major moves.  And all the up-and-coming teams (Kings, Mavs, Suns) are only going to get better.
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Congratulations to the Spurs.. As a Laker-hater, I was very happy last night. And, as a huge Arizona basketball fan, I have to mention that Steve Kerr is going for his fifth ring - would tie him with Magic and Kareem. Ambulance Chaser - I'll send you a dollar if you or somebody in San Antonio can get a sign on the air that says "Steve Kerr - One for the Thumb." That would be too funny. Bradford
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AC is indeed Nostradamus. And I'm eating crow, and wearing black in mourning. Shoulda bet me, dude, you'd be getting a good bottle of Napa Valley wine or some other fine made in CA product... The Lakers will reload, unconventionally, and it'll be interesting next season. I'm pulling for the Spurs, because Don Nelson is -er- fashion challenged (anyone remember the Don Marlin fish ties), and I can't bring myself to root for Sacramento.
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