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***Even more BoO M, Margiela book + gats***

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Everything is priced shipped CONUS, add 4% or send as gift. I DO NOT SHIP INTERNATIONALLY UNLESS I HAVE PERSONALLY DEALT WITH YOU BEFORE, but if you message me we can work something out (Shipping will be expensive, I will not ship anything without tracking intl, non-negotiable).
***SHIRTS*** Band of Outsiders wine elbow-patch size M - $115 -> $110 Normal BoO fit, one of my favorite pieces but it is too big on me. Worn a bit, this is an awesome piece! Twill. Band of Outsiders gray/white check flannel size M - $85 -> $80 Incredibly soft flannel, probably the softest flannel I've owned. It's not thick flannel either, so you won't completely bake up when wearing in the warmer months (I am able to wear it here in GA if I wanted to). NOTE: There is some slight discolouration on the collar, inside/edge and very, very little on the outside. Essentially unnoticeable when worn, but I have priced it accordingly because of this. Click the picture for another picture of the discolouration. If you require more pics, PM me. Band of Outsiders Off-white (cream) oxford size M - SOLD Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
The picture looks white, but I can guarantee you that it's a very true cream/off-white colour. Similar to the Bless hoodcoat that some of you may have seen pictures of. This is an amazin colour that is just as versatile as a white oxford and you won't regret buying this.
Band of Outsiders Lavender oxford size M - SOLD Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Normal BoO fit, lightweight oxford. Great for summer and spring. Note that the color is slightly darker in real life, I just don't have adequate natural lighting in my house. Worn sparingly. [/SPOILER] J. Crew Washed Red/Navy buffalo shirt - TAILORED - SOLD Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
The sides were taken in professionally by my tailor. Worn sparingly. Pick this up, it's cheap! If a J. Crew M fits you but billows out (I found that to be a problem with all J. Crew I had), then this is perfect for you, or if you're a guy with broad shoulders but a slim torso, this can't be beat. Buy it for your girlfriend if she's fat. [/SPOILER] ***OUTERWEAR*** ECWCS Gore-tex Parka, TAILORED - Size XS - SOLD [SPOILER]This thing is rad as fuck, look cool, stay warm and dry at the same time. Has a hood, clicky the pic for back picture. XS will fit a range of sizes, but I'd say it fits a normal Small oversized or a medium very well. Sleeves have been darted and slimmed. The pits feel a bit off because there are zippers near the pits (so that you get air while fighting off Vietcong), but if you open them slightly it feels perfect. READ WILLY'S WRITE-UP, HE'S INFINITELY COOLER THAN I AM.
***SHOES*** Maison Martin Margiela painted beige base GATs - size 43 - $245 -> $235 Is there more to say? Worn a few times but it's basically almost brand new. I just don't wear this since I have 2 other pairs of GATs that I wear much more, my old, beater paper applique and my rubberized white see infinitely more wear time than these. I love em, but can't justify em. Click for alt. Common Projects distressed Saddle shoes - Size 43 - SOLD [spoiler]Worn but in amazing condition. These are the predistressed saddles from last season, and my god are they amazing shoes. Wear your normal CP size. Great shoe that goes with basically everything! Don't sleep! Comes with box, extra laces, and shoebag. Click for alt.
***BOOKS*** Maison Martin Margiela - $50 -> $45 Basically brand new, I think I flipped through it once. Awesome book, but I don't really have the apartment steez to justify keeping this, so I'd rather spend this money on cat food. Linen covered, feels good, makes ladies wet. Thanks for looking and buy this stuff up before it goes away and you regret it cause this stuff is cheap! Will be adding more BoO size M shirts (off white oxford and grey/white check flannel), a Stephan Schneider shirt, Common Projects saddle shoes (rad!!!!), PM me for info or dibs but I need to wait until I get my camera back to snap pics.
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Saw a guy in NYC wearing that parka when I was there last month. black trousers, whiskey brogues that shit is slick.
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AH!!! I want that lavender shirt in a L....ANYBODY?!?!
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Books and shoes added ya'll!
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Added a few shirts and painted margielas BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY
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Buy this man's stuff. Ships fast
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If the GATs were one size smaller, would've bought in a heartbeat! Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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Boy, that BoO flannel is tempting at that price...
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damn that MMM is so tempting.. how much was the CP sold? gutted to miss that.
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Dropz, also looking for thom browne oxfords sz 2 and gitman solids and prints (especially shadow dot) in small
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Drop on stuff
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