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Lots of non-Streetwear regulars here, AlanC and lawyerdad. Did you look in this thread solely because of the title?
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Whodini, you don't have to be such an e-jerk to me about this.

Sorry, if you'll notice many of the other sites you find in that search provide different information, hell, a search within this forum gives a different answer.

I sought a clarification, because I had found differing answers, and because one single concrete answer wasn't avalible.

Is this a resource for information and discussion? or just a place to mock those whoose denim knowledge you deem insufficent?

I'd understand if an archive of this site search yielded dozens of questions like this, but I didn't find anything, so I asked.

Anyways, I'm done mock away or whatever, from here on out I'm just viewing this for the pertinent responses to my initial question because I see this site as a repository of information, not as some sort of social outlet.

Sorry if I got defensive or took a bad tone with you, no hard feelings.
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The problem with advice is there's no golden rule. Maybe if 20 people have 20 different opinions on what works for them, that should give you a hint that you WON'T find a definitive answer. Some people want to wear them extra baggy, others extra tight. The forum, myself included, gave you the best info at hand based on the single piece of information you offered us. Several people chimed in and it wasn't enough apparently. I linked you to another forum where your same question has been asked in a million different ways. When even THAT wasn't enough, I copy and pasted the guidelines posted by Levi's, the same ones that come with the packaging on every pair of STF's. How much more help could we possibly give you on a $30 pair of jeans?
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oh, and they definitely stretch...
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I got 1947 lvc in a 32x34. I am a 30" waist 31"leg. After initial wash they fit really well i guess
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