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Chicago Tailor? Official Thread

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I am looking to perform some alterations on a Corneliani suit.  Has anyone had a positive experience with a tailor in the Chicago area that they would recommend?
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Try Paul Chang 180 N. Lasalle St. 312 332-0423 He has many years of experience
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Anyone know one in south cook county/nw Indiana?
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I would have answered this post earlier, but couldn't find the name. Damn it, I still can't find it; but there is a tailor listed in the Best of Chicago list of Chicago Magazine (most recent, if you can track it down at the library)-- it's where chicagoans take their brionis, kitons, etc.
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That's either Alfred's Tailors or Bugoslaw (sp?). Both were listed in the Mag. and both are on Oak Street (maybe 650 Oak). Have used Alfred. He does good, but I would say not great, work. Anyone tried Bugoslaw? Anyone tried Chris Despos?
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I doubt that Despos does alterations. He does custom clothing, for which he makes the patterns on the Chicago premises and sends the work to Texas. Bugoslaw I have never heard of.
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Took a couple of new Oxxford's to Bugoslaw at 65 E. Oak, same building as Alfred. He did a great job, and had opinions about how things should be done and how they should look. I was very pleased. You might give him a try.
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Yes.. you want Boguslaw, no one else. That's the name I couldn't remember, listed as chicago's best...where customers take their Brionis and Kitons for the best work.
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Hi, I'm looking for a good tailor in chicago for some heavy suit alterations. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Sorry, duplicate post.
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For alterations: Boguslaw Sandowski 65 E. Oak St., Suite 1D Chicago, IL 60611 tel: 312.640.1521 charges $10/buttonhole to create functional buttonholes. ---------------------------------------------------------- Foxx, I read in Chicago magazine that Paul Chang did the work for Road to Perdition. Paul Chang 180 N. LaSalle St. Chicago, IL 60601 tel: 312.332.0423 ---------------------------------------------------------- Frank Laterza 211 W. Wacker Dr. Chicago, IL 60606 tel: 312.201.1144 ---------------------------------------------------------- Pucci 333 N. Michigan Ave. # 205 Chicago, IL 60601 tel: 312.332.3759 ---------------------------------------------------------- Chris Despos 34 E. Oak Street, 3rd Floor Chicago, IL 60611 tel: 312.944.8833 ---------------------------------------------------------- Mazzei Montopoli Strahorn 714 S. Dearborn St. (I think) Chicago, IL 60605 tel: ? ---------------------------------------------------------- Custom shirtmaker: Riddle-McIntyre 175 N. Franklin St. Chicago, IL 60606 tel: 312.782.3317 Note: Riddle-McIntyre is the only custom shirtmaker in Chicago that does not farm out the actual making of their shirts.  Some of what they use are Swiss Alumo fabrics.  I know because I walked by and saw the Alumo fabrics stacked in the window.  The sample shirts in the window looked quite good.  They were closed for vacation when I walked by, but I will pay a visit one of these days.  Riddle-McIntyre has been around since 1916(?) and is now run by an East Asian fellow.  The minimum order is four shirts.
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Hi all,
I'm trying to decide on a tailor in chicago. I've pretty much narrowed it down to Boguslaw, Tailor's Touch on Oak Street, or Paul Chang. I was wondering if anyone has any input on how these three compare. All I'm looking for is some alterations, not any custom work. Right now it's going to consist mostly of getting some jacket sleeves shortened. About how much should I expect this to cost? Do I need to call ahead of time and make an appointment? I've never been to a tailor before, any other advice you could offer?
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Go see Chris Despos and tell him to put the charges on Soph's account
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Sounds good to me, although I've heard Chris Despos only does custom work, not alterations. As long as soph and his account don't mind, I could always use some custom items...
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Tailor's Touch is your only other option.

Boguslaw Please, if you want to spend alot and get tailoring I could do better myself.
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