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Banana Republic Shoes

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These look like a good deal:


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Banana Republic shoes are junk. But at $20, it seems appropriate.
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I wouldn't spent $33 (including shipping) on those shoes.
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OP: You will definitely not get much love for BR shoes (well, no love really). If you can get them really cheap they are good enough starter shoes (we all start somewhere). They will not last you a couple of years (even if you rotate wearing them), the leather may not look too hot after a handful of wears, but they will suffice as footwear especially if you don't have much $ to spend.
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don't do it. i bought a pair of BR boots 3 years ago. they suck badly. low quality.
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Junk and they will look like crap after one wear.
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Originally Posted by JamesX View Post
I wouldn't spent $33 (including shipping) on those shoes.


I've gotten barely used Allen Edmonds for not much more than that on Ebay.
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cheap quality and blobby looking but more importantly the sole shows wear New with Box?
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i have those exact shoes. i thought i couldn't go wrong when they were around $15 from $140... they rip the skin of the back of my heels like there's no tomorrow. i have been crippled for weeks because of these things. they are really clompy (if thats a word) and big! i put a heel protector in the back and it got a bit better but at $15 what did i expect
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+1 to everyone else. I saw these at a BR store and they are truly crappy.
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