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Help me decide which plain black oxford to buy

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Time has come for me to get a plain black cap toe oxford. It is a definite void in my closet and a fun excuse to buy a new shoe.

I am trying to decide between:

Edward Green

Chelsea 202 Last (or 82 or 888), Black Calf

Gaziano & Girling

Oxford in Black Calf on the GG06 Last

John Lobb

City II.

I also have the JL Philip II in the back of my mind but really need a plain toe more.

Right now, I am leaning towards the G&G. I have not tried any on yet but live in nyc so I can do that easily on Saturday by stopping by Bergdorfs and Leffot.

This thread is really relavant but hasnt helped me make up my mind
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You really can't go wrong with any of the above options. My vote would be for the real reason though.
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+1 For the G&G. I'm sort of partial to them. But agree, you can't really go wrong...
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I personally would go for the Lobbs. I like EG but the Chelsea is a bit mundane (even in the 888) when compaired to your other choices.

I can't speak to the G&G shoes as I have never owned a pair (but I plan to at some point). I understand that G&G makes a very good shoe, but the Lobbs I own are the best fitting shoes I have in my collection (other than perhaps my bespoke shoes). I also like the sleeker style of the Lobbs.

I just noticed the date of the original post, so this advice is certinly moot, but the decision to be made is still certainly an interesting one. I wonder what the OP actually decided?
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breathtaking pairs
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Liking the Eddy Gs there the most. Anyway, why black when you can go brown?
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If you're willing to shell out $$ for JL Philip II ($1500 prestige range), you can also consider the Holden oxford from G&G's Deco range, the Bodie oxford from Anthony Cleverly, or even upgrade the EG Chelsee to TD treatment with better quality leather/fiddle waist.
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Of your choices my vote would be the Lobbs.
But you should also take a look at the G&G oxford on the DG70, which I prefer to the GG06
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Lobb Philip II.
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Jesus, they all look the same, get whatever fits your foot and your budget best. myke
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as much as i love JL, id go for the G&Gs.
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I thought this would be pretty close. I am going to go to the lobb store at lunch and take a look.
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JL is the most fashion forward of the 3. EG is the most conservative.
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I agree with your call James.
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I am a fan of the Lobbs
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