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Tailor in dc

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I need to have some work done on a suit jacket. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good tailor in the Washington, DC area, preferably in downtown DC or Northern Virginia?
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I think J. Press in the Farragut West section of DC provides this kind of service...
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I did a search for tailor recommendations in DC, and this was all I could find.  Does anyone have any good alterations tailors to recommend? I need some basic alterations (sleeves/cuffs/waist) for a new Corneliani suit I just picked up at Filene's.  In the past I've always just used in-house tailors where I've bought my suits.  Filene's recommends Sauro's Custom Tailoring on 19th Street.  Is anyone familiar with Sauro's?  Or do you have anyone else to suggest either in DC, Arlington, or Bethesda? By the way, as you can see, this is my first post, but it comes after quite a while of lurking.  Thanks to everyone here for all the great info I've picked up.  I had never even heard of Corneliani before coming here.
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Field's on Wisconsin Avenue just above Georgetown (just past R street) is the best I think. I've also used Geoffrey Lewis on H between 14th and 15th for basic suit and jacket alterations.
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I go to Sauro's for all my tailoring work, and my amateur eye has been satisfied with the results.  One caveat: Joe will do what you ask him to do, but is not particularly proactive with making recommendations, so it helps to know in advance what work you need to have done and/or have a body that fits RTW easily.  I wear a 40R off the rack with very few alterations, so that hasn't bothered me.  I think Field's will be more proactive, but their location (a good 10-minute walk north of Georgetown, across the street from the Social Safeway) has dissuaded me from giving them a try.
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If you use Sauro, make sure you keep an eye on his work. He knows what he's doing, but based on my casual conversation with him, he's close to retirement and reaching the casual indifference phase of his career. He was able to restitch a buttonhole on an blazer I brought in (did it by hand). However, on another suit I brought in, he altered the sleeves (shortened), but did not redo the buttons on the left sleeve when I came in to pick it up. I've used Lewis once and they seem decent. Lengthening the sleeves on a jacket and taking in some pants total totaled to about $50 and I was satisfied with the results.
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Time to resurrect a severely old thread... I've got a RTW suit that is okay, but could really use some alterations to look just right. Particularly, I'd like to shorten the sleeves a bit and take in some of the waist on the jacket. With Mr. Fields passing away and Sauro retired, where is a Washingtonian to go?
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Sun Tailor at Tyson's II used to do a good job for me. We moved away 2.5 years ago, so I'm not sure if Sun is still around or if he's still doing good work. He altered several pairs of trousers, a couple of jackets (w/ functional buttonholes) and two shirts (including shorter sleeves).

His accent is pretty thick and sometimes he had a little trouble understanding me. But, just be patient and keep trying, he'll ultimately understand.
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Field's is still open, with the very able Will Field at the helm. I've been very happy with all the alterations he's done for me.
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Christopher Kim on 20th and M street has done very nice work for me, both on pants and jackets. He also fixed up my wife's dress coat. Very detailed, like to create a trim fit.
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I wanted to see if anyone had recommendations on fixing moth holes. I have a couple of nice tweed jackets that my father finally handed over to me even though he hasn't been able to fit into them in some time. They've got some small moth holes that I'd like to have taken care if though. Any dc folks with suggestions?
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not sure if he can fix moth holes but check out Do's on Wisconsin in Georgetown. He is expensive but his work is on point. good luck
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Anyone have any updates to these recommendations in DC?
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In NoVa, I've been satisfied with Best Tailoring.  Fairly well recommended on Yelp, great service and friendly people.  I've taken one suit there and was measured for an Indochino suit (trial run)...happy with the results.  As I understand he also does bespoke.  Saw the owner of a local sports team there, don't know which one (not the Skins or Nationals), fwiw.


9126 Lee Hwy
FairfaxVA 22031(703) 641-9333

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The best tailor you can find in NoVA is Sofio's in McLean, VA.  And if you can afford a custom-made suit it's the place to go.

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