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Originally Posted by globetrotter View Post
I am not sure that I would define what you are talking about as "corporate culture". I work in a 100 year old family owned business, where the average staff turnover in a year is about 1%, where we have dozens of people who have been here for more than 30 years, and the average person in the company came to the company right after school. we have a very strong corporate culture - we have ways of doing things and those ways are very well understood and internalized.

that said, we have almost no socializing outside of work hours - a couple of sports teams, bowling,, softball and soccer, and that is about it. an annual picnic, retirement parties, an annual gala. that's it. I have never been in any collegues houses, and they haven't been in mine. but many of my collegues have pretty interesting hobbies - several sail, several run marathons, one owns horses, one dragon boat races. but I don't really care about any of that, frankly.

I would say it is pretty much exactly the same thing here. I don't know that anybody has hobbies, or anything. People never talk to one another to actually get that far.

We have parties for different events, but people are always like meh, I am not going to go, and then they turn into 4 people standing around at a bar with nothing to say. Really.
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Originally Posted by Jodum5 View Post
My immediate co-workers think I'm this ultra quiet guy - the see flashes of personality when I come in 3 hours late hung over or travel to Dubai/Germany/Zurich to visit friends on a whim. Not to mention my style. Otherwise I keep to myself and rarely chat about personal stuff. However, others in other offices know my personal/fun/whoring side. Still quiet, but always ready for a good time. I suspect this is similar in many offices. Most people know better than to reveal too much to co-workers. OF course, I have worked with my fair share of tools and creeps.
Yeah, I have spent most of my time here mostly keeping to myself. If people go out for a happy hour for someones birthday, I go, and I try to make it to things like the jp morgan corporate challenge or the office volleyball team games...but I can't say I was ever really trying to be friends with them. I figure, I like my job and I am here to work hard not to socialize. *edit*..*/edit*(forgot this wasn't hidden in DT) Some of my other friends hang out with their coworkers all of the time...I've even become friends with their coworkers and their friends as they invited them to more and more things. And there are others who hang out with their coworkers quite a lot but rarely intermingle the groups of friends (which are pretty different and wouldn't really get along).
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I have people at work who I know about, but I can count on one hand the times I've spent with them outside of work except for the company Christmas party.

I am a Freemason, a Kappa Sigma, play trumpet in two bands and love to hike. I have friends from Church who I like to go out with as well, and my circle of friends is small but strong.

I don't really have much in common with the people I work with. I don't like getting drunk in public, with people I need to see next day, and I don't want to go see Ms. X playing soccer or Miss. Y's roller derby game. I get invited out, but I generally turn them down.

I have friends and co-workers. After spending so much time at work, I simply don't want to spend unpaid time babysitting drunks.

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charisma goes a long way...
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you know when I used to hang out with co-workers? when I was an expat and had no life. when you have a life, you don't need to hang with co-workers.
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Originally Posted by globetrotter View Post
you know when I used to hang out with co-workers? when I was an expat and had no life. when you have a life, you don't need to hang with co-workers.


I like my co-workers and I do stuff with them after work on occasion. But mostly I don't because I'd rather hang out with my friends and family.
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Not exactly "corporate," but I've been there. I'm not some reprehensible piece of shit off the clock, but my lack of interest in joining in on the culture noted in that thread gave some people false impressions about me.
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After last night's events (see pissing you off thread...) I am much more certain that I don't want to mix coworkers and friends. Its weird when a couple coworkers show up at a party with your friends...its also weird when you go out after work with your coworkers and a couple of your friends show up (especially when you didn't invite them). Monday's gonna be interesting... Edit: I should also say that I like being able to be open and frank about jobs with my friends. When my friend wants to talk about quitting the job they hate, or I want to vent about someone at work who is not pulling their weight, its really nice when there is no overlap for the gossip to travel back.
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Read Bowling Alone, an essay on social capital in America. It basically talks about the lack of interaction between people in modern society, and touches on how old mainstays of corporate America such as sports teams, bowling leagues, after work groups and the such have been slowly dying out. It's not the best paper I've read, but interesting and relevant.
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