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Hit the gym. Stop eating so much. Don't blame the tailor, he is working a very misshapen client.
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This does not look like Y William Yu - those that I have seen look elegant and properly fitting.

Coat and sleeves FAR too short, trousers quite odd - twisting. Try Chan or Yao next time. This is irretrievable.
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Good Evening

        Has anyone had experience with the NYC tailor "Y.William Yu" lately and what was your impression of his service, fittings (if any) and finally the quality & fit of his bespoke commission ? If you have pictures please post so the rest of us NY'rs can option his services.


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How many fittings did you have Afterglow? And how long did it take for the tailor to complete the commission from the day of measurement?
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There's a lot of confusion on this forum with regard to Y William Yu - in an attempt to set the record straight:

(1) William Yu ("WY") - located in Hong Kong, NOT affiliated with Y William Yu. Website is: http://www.williamyutailor.com/eng/about.html

(2) Y William Yu ("YWY") - located in BOTH Hong Kong and NYC on Madison Avenue. Website for the NYC location is: http://www.ywilliamyu.com/; to my knowledge there is no website for the HK location.

Both WY and YWY travel to the US, however only WY travels to NYC as YWY customers are serviced by the Madison Ave location.

At YWY in NYC, you pick the cloth, have your measurements taken by Ronald, and everything is communicated to YWY HK where the suit is made. 4-6 weeks later a fully finished suit is delivered to the YWY NYC. Upon trying the suit on if adjustments need to be made, there is an extremely competent alterations tailor on site whose sole job is to make such alterations. NYC does not do CMT. Pricing starts around $1,500 for a 2 piece suit. I should also mention that Ronald has a large rolodex of extremely high profile Manhattan clientele.

At YWY in HK, I understand that a basted fitting and forward fitting are offered prior to finishing the suit. I believe HK does do CMT. Pricing starts <$1,000 for a 2 piece suit when on tour (cloth included).

Regarding YWY quality - the finished product is excellent - fully hand tailored / stitched to the same standards as Oxxford / Savile Row, etc. (yes, hand padded lapel, etc., and only the major seams are sewn by machine). I cannot speak directly to WY quality, but from what I understand it is inferior to YWY.

Hope this is helpful.
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