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I was expecting to be all ffffuuuu.gif , but instead I'm all inlove.gif . The redesign is great! There's stuff I'd change (I wouldn't have a feed of the latest comments), but understand why most of it's there.

One suggestion, though: The stickies don't stand out very much visually, even if they're in their own special place at the top, so I might alternate backgrounds between lines or something to both integrate them with the posts a little more, and make them pop.
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One thing that the owners of the site may care to know is that our companies server blocks all the adverts on the new design whereas it did not on the old.
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Overall I like the new look. Much more modern. (Never have been a vBulletin fan.)
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Originally Posted by Jrufraz View Post

If you go to "My Profile", you should be able to see your posts under "Your Recent Activity".

Or hover the mouse over your avatar name and choose All Posts from the pop-up menu.
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I do not like how Huddler does forums.
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The little icon next to the timestamp, which indicated if a messege was new or old to you, is gone... Please tell me that is just a glitch and that it will come back? I for one, will be completely lost without it. Especially if Styleforum still insists on - in certain thread - refuse to take me to the newest messege, but rather to a messege posted weeks ago...
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Seems to be running much slower than the old system, at least for me.

...and hey, lookitthat, my avatar reverted to an old one too.
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so how will this work for people like stevesmith who posts large quantities of suits, or the guy with all the allen edmonds, will it all have to be seperate? generally i think this system is much better in terms of a thread being one item, easy to navigate and find what you want, but what about those sellers that you consistently just like to skim through their whole inventory and see all their stuff quickly?
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Am I the only one who preferred SF before this new launch (particularly B&S)?
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Originally Posted by NickPollica View Post

Am I the only one who preferred SF before this new launch (particularly B&S)?

I prefer this new version but I've been toying with it a bit before the live launch.
It takes some getting used to but not as much as I expected.
Posting FS threads now takes me a few seconds as opposed to minutes. The category system in B&S is a God send and will become more useful as more items appear.
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I sort of like it. I guess I'll have to get used to it. Somethings are a little bit confusing, like members signatures that sometimes look like the content.
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Definitely like the new site better, specifically B&S. Multiple items per post never made sense to me, also since posts will be closed now it is WAY easier to tell if something is sold. Bumps are pretty much unnecessary now, if someone is looking for something specific and you are selling it they will find it easily.
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Reposted from thread in General Chat:

When connecting to the forum from work, where the internet access is filtered through WebSense, the site is now completely broken. None of the images work, none of the Javascript works, none of the buttons to reply or post do anything. All this worked fine before.

The site seems to work okay if I connect to our wireless network, which is outside our security boundary and doesn't have the same filtering.

Edit: Now that I've viewed the site once through the wireless network it seems to have cached the stuff it needs and is working through the normal network, but I don't know how long my browser will keep that stuff cached...

Edit2: It didn't take long for everything to stop working again through the wired network...

Seriously, what kind of dumbass website uses Javascript for everything where normal HTTP links would do the exact same thing? Is there not even an option somewhere to switch to a less Javascript-intensive version of the site? As it is I cannot even make a post without disconnecting my ethernet cable and connecting to the wireless network instead.

Also, does it automatically subscribe me to a thread when I make a reply? If not, why not? And, how on earth do I see a list of threads I'm subscribed to which have new replies, like in the old UserCP section? If I go to the subscriptions page it lists everything Ive ever subscribed to, not only threads which have new replies.
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This will take some getting used to, but so far it seems as if I can read/reply to what I want and set things up more or less in a way I want.

One thing I can't see to do is set the date format of the forum to read Day-Month-Year instead of the highly confusing US notation. There must be an option somewhere to allow users to personalise the date format, but I can't see where it is.

Anyone? Please?! biggrin.gif
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Is anyone not getting emails? I havent received a single one all day.
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